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YouTube has new cool features that will interest Vloggers and YouTubers!

27.06.2023 08:28 AM
YouTube has new cool features that will interest Vloggers and YouTubers!
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YouTube has new cool features that will interest Vloggers and YouTubers!

YouTube announced that users will get several new features that make the platform more useful and fun while watching videos.

And those in charge of "YouTube" indicated that they had started testing a new feature called Aloud for some users, and that this feature relies on artificial intelligence techniques to dub videos into several languages, during the VidCon conference.

Depending on the available information, the feature is able to transcribe what is said in the videos, and convert speech into written text that the user can review, after which this text can be converted into audio dubbing.

What is unique about the new technology is also that it tries to display the voice dubbing with a voice similar to the voice of the original video creator, and incites to match the sounds with the lip movements of the owner of the video clip, and it currently supports several languages, which are English, Spanish and Portuguese, and it is supposed to support other languages in the future to be presented more widely this year.

YouTube is also testing a new feature called Test and Compare, through which the user can upload three or more images of the video clip he wants to publish, and YouTube helps the user choose the optimal image to be the main image of the clip.

Reports also indicated that those in charge of the "YouTube" platform also began testing a feature called Playables, through which video games can be played from YouTube, which is used on a computer or via Android and iOS devices.

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