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Enter a World of Fantasy with The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom

14.05.2023 08:26 AM
Enter a World of Fantasy with The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom
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Enter a World of Fantasy with The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom
On Tuesday, the Japanese video game giant, Nintendo, which launches Friday the latest version of the "Zelda" game series, announced its annual results, which were better than expected, thanks to the stability of its game sales, but it was cautious about its future position in light of the decline in unit sales. Own control "Switch".

For the fiscal year 2022-2023, which ended in March, Nintendo made a net profit of 432.8 billion yen ($3.18 billion), limiting this result to a 9 percent decline year on year. Its operating profit fell 15 percent to 504.4 billion yen.

Its annual revenue (1,601.7 billion yen, or $11.86 billion), which decreased by 5.5 percent, was mainly supported by its game sales, in light of the success of "Pokemon Scarlett and Violet" and "Splatoon 3". Nintendo Switch Sports and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

On the other hand, sales of its Switch console fell 22 percent year-on-year, to 18 million copies. The company attributed this decline to a shortage of semiconductors, a problem that affected its production until last summer, in addition to the fact that the momentum that usually accompanies sales during the year-end holidays was less than expected.
The company expects operating profit of 450 billion yen (-11 percent) and sales of 1,450 billion yen (-9.5 percent), betting on its modern version of the "Zelda" game series, which is expected to be released on Friday.

Analyst at "Kantan Games" Serkan Toto indicates that the new version of the game, which bears the title "Tears of Kingdom", will be "the largest contributor to Nintendo's sales for this fiscal year."
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