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Humans donate their brains to artificial intelligence robots.. How?

26.04.2023 08:13 AM
Humans donate their brains to artificial intelligence robots.. How?
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Humans donate their brains to artificial intelligence robots.. How?
With the increasing interest in artificial intelligence in the world, we must be well aware of the fact that it depends mainly on what we enter as humans in the database within the Internet, on which chatbots, for example, depend entirely on performing their tasks.

With the spread of AI-powered chatbots, audiences have been amazed by their impressive capabilities, from writing complex research papers to leading clear conversations.

Human nutrition

According to the American Axios website, the information we enter on a daily basis, whether through social media or websites, is what gives the chatbot, "Chat GBT", for example, unique skills.

An analysis by The Washington Post of a widely used public data set for training AI tools shows just how wide the ability of these tools to return to 30-year network stocks is.

Knowledge tools
According to the paper's analysis, the most sources of information for AI tools were journalism, entertainment, and medicine.
In this context, today's AI breakthroughs cannot occur without the availability of digital stocks, ideas and information that the Internet has pushed people to produce.
This finding reminds us that everything we do now with, and for, AI will in turn shape the future in ways we can never anticipate.
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