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8 Proven Easter Promotion Ideas for eCommerce specialists!

06.04.2023 07:44 AM
8 Proven Easter Promotion Ideas for eCommerce specialists!
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8 Proven Easter Promotion Ideas for eCommerce specialists!

E-commerce specialists are running to capitalize on the trend of Easter Holiday’s and get consumers as excited as possible about the spring season. Easter provides a range of digital and in-person opportunities that can attract new customers while also building engagement with long-time consumers. The following strategies are among the most effective Easter marketing campaign ideas worth implementing.

Easter promotion idea #1: Set up Easter-themed chatbot conversation triggers

Reason why this works: Chatbot conversations come up with the perfect opportunity for playing up the Easter holiday. This is one of the effortless promotions to implement and, if done right, can also be one of the most effective. Options for making the most of this strategy include:

•        Adjust conversation openers to reflect the upcoming festivities. This could be as simple as wishing customers a happy Easter in the leadup to the holiday.

•        Do not hesitate to use silly wordplay to make customers smile. Let’s see a small example, chatbots might let customers know that they’re “egg-cited” to help shoppers take advantage of “egg-cellent deals.”

Channel: Chat.

Advantages: Tailored chatbots improve engagement, reflecting the best of the in-store experience for online shoppers. Chatbots can also personalize online Easter shopping by asking customers to share their preferences or holiday plans. Moreover, tailored chatbot conversations may convince customers to sign up for marketing emails and generate new leads.

Expected reach: All website visitors will be greeted by Easter-oriented chatbots on a daily basis.


Easter promotion idea #2: Create a dedicated landing page at your eCommerce store

Reason why this works: Take this opportunity substitute your eCommerce landing page so that it reflects your latest Easter egg promotions. Keep in mind:

•        A sparkling design with pastel colors is essential, as are Easter-themed graphics.

        Catchy text can get customers excited for Easter shopping.

•        Furthermore, this page can also direct customers to some of the Easter initiatives highlighted below, such as event marketing sign-ups or bundle offers.

Channel: On-site.

Benefits: A dedicated landing page will anticipate a far more cohesive experience for those who arrive at your page by way of marketing emails, paid ads, or social media updates. This keeps customers in the sales funnel, thereby more efficiently driving them toward quick conversions.

Expected reach: If an Easter-oriented landing page is included on the main navigation menu, all daily visitors will be exposed to it. To add that besides your website visitors, your landing page will be seen by your social media followers or your paid ads audiences that have clicked on your marketing easter campaigns.


Easter promotion idea #3: Create Easter product bundles to increase your average order value

Why this works: Many customers are willing to spend extravagantly for Easter and specifically if given the opportunity to invest in specialized baskets. Stimulate them with promotional newsletters, push notifications, and pop-ups to indulge in product bundles that include items they might not otherwise purchase alone.

Channel: On-site retargeting, push notifications, email.

Advantages: This straightforward strategy could not only increase the average basket values, but it also gets customers excited about new products. Once they’ve made the most of the items included in their basket, they may be inclined to purchase them again in the future.

Expected reach: To notice that all daily visitors could potentially be exposed to Easter product bundles if they are highlighted through dynamic pop-ups. These can also be promoted on social media and in marketing emails, reaching even more contacts. Last but not least, push notifications are an additional channel that responds to devices, not contacts, increasing your reach even more.


Easter promotion idea #4: Add an in-store Easter installation to create a memorable customer experience

Reason why this works: Much of the appeal of holiday shopping stems from the vibrant displays found throughout stores during the months of November and December. Unfortunately, some eCommerce specialists neglect to play up in-store visuals to the same extent during the spring. This makes Easter shopping feel like far less of an event.

•        Give customers something new to appreciate with an in-store installation that celebrates the renewal of spring and the excitement of Easter.

        Cute and whimsical designs are ideal, although there are plenty of opportunities for playing with bold, contemporary looks as well. Either way, the goal is to get customers to take notice.

•        Use QR Codes that will redirect your in-store customers to landing pages that will endorse promotional offers, bundles, or exclusive benefits with an appealing design.

Channel: In-store.

Benefits: Shopping among vibrant displays will get consumers in the spirit, ensuring that they remember their enjoyable shopping experience and encouraging them to return for more.

Expected reach: All brick-and-mortar customers will take notice of your storefront’s Easter installations and interior decorations. Don’t overlook the fact that the QR Codes can increase your conversions and further nurture your existing customers.


Easter promotion idea #5: Host an Easter-themed marketing event

Reason why this works: Event marketing influences and dominates during the holiday season, however business leaders often forget that it can be just as effective throughout the remainder of the year. This is a particularly useful option for service-oriented businesses. With several small adjustments, though, marketing events can also have a huge impact in the eCommerce sector.

•        With Easter, family-friendly events tend to be the most enticing. Your business could host an egg hunt for kids, in which young participants seek candy-filled eggs or other treats hidden throughout your business premises.

        Meet-and-greets with the Easter Bunny are also a prime option for family-friendly Easter events. Add a backdrop with your company logo ⁠— and encourage customers to post any photos they may take on social media, complete with a strategically selected hashtag.

        Amp up the social media effort by capturing footage of your marketing event, share it on Instagram Stories, and encourage your followers to reshare your post increasing your user-generated content.

        Easter events don’t necessarily need to be centered around children to be effective. Adults also enjoy posing for silly pictures or hunting for treats.

        Add coupons or free samples to the mix to get attendees especially excited. For example, instead of searching for candy eggs alone, they can seek out eggs adorned with QR codes, which can then be used to redeem special deals.

•        Adults-only events can go a step further and get “hoppy” with craft brews or other beverages.

Channel: On site, in the physical store, with online promotions through social media encouraged. You can implement this strategy using email, pop-ups or push notifications to inform your contacts. Moreover, you can create segments based on mobiles and target your contacts in a more personal way via SMS or Viber.

Advantages: Event marketing enhance customer engagement while also providing valuable content for online marketing. Many events arouse community awareness and may even lead to new email list sign-ups or social media follows.

Expected reach: This differs depending on the desired size of the event, but promotional content stemming from the occasion can reach all social media followers, customers who receive email newsletters or SMS, and the brand’s website visitors that will be notified through pop-ups. All in all, this idea improves your reach so bear in mind that the more channels you use, the more audience you engage.

Easter promotion idea #6: Don’t forget post-Easter sales

Reason why this works: Some people aim to do shopping after the holiday in question more than they enjoy it on the actual day. Although, this trend is most evident after Christmas when customers hit the stores to use their gift cards.

Similar spending is possible in the immediate aftermath of the Easter holiday, but customers might need a little extra encouragement.

•        Build a sense of urgency with last-chance newsletters detailing how customers can still get in on special deals that were exclusively designed for Easter.

•        Post-Easter sales naturally have a built-in scarcity mentality, which can be further increased through urgency-oriented messaging or with a countdown widget, namely a pop-up or a Viber message.

Channel: Email, on-site retargeting, Viber, push notifications, and in-store with QR Codes.

Advantages: Multiple studies verify the value of a countdown timer for encouraging procrastination-inclined customers to make purchases.  Case studies involving the use of timers before and during Black Friday, for example, reveal that implementing a countdown in on-site remarketing messages or cart-abandonment automations can improve conversions by 200%.

Expected reach: Modify your landing page after Easter to get as far as 100% of daily visitors and make good use of your contacts from all your selected channels for optimal scope.


Easter promotion idea #7: Build excitement with an Easter countdown

Reason why this works: Another option for building urgency, countdowns to Christmas are common among today’s eCommerce specialists, many of which provide special discounts every day in December or, at minimum, for the 12 Days of Christmas. A similar strategy can prove to be effective as Easter approaches.

•        Count down the days until Easter on social media or add a timer widget to your website with dynamic pop-ups.

        A countdown-themed blast of daily marketing emails designed to build up suspense and anticipation can work wonders, particularly if these are equipped with catchy subject lines.

        For the two weeks leading up to Easter, use this opportunity to clue customers in on current product bundles or other seasonal purchases.

        On the final day of the countdown, reveal the results from the aforementioned giveaway before letting customers know how they can score free samples or other special Easter deals. Don’t forget that giveaways are one of the most efficient ways to increase your social media followers, boosting brand awareness and user-generated content.

•        Design in-store banners with QR Codes that will build up the excitement of your in-store customers.

Channel: On-site, social media, email, in-store QR Codes, push notifications.

Benefits: Like post-Easter sales, countdowns build a sense of urgency. They can also drum up excitement for special Easter sales or events, thereby improving the day-of engagement on the actual holiday.

Expected reach: Website-based countdowns should be visible to all daily visitors, and all your contacts should receive countdown messages via different channels, either digital or physical.


Easter promotion idea #8: Partner with non-competing businesses for co-branded initiatives

Reason why this works: The cliche “two heads are better than one” definitely applies to holiday marketing. If you and another local business share similar company cultures or philosophies, you may be well-positioned to team up and, ideally, expose a broader customer base to your respective brands.

        Provide samples or coupons to be used in your store. Both businesses should promote such events heavily on social media, tagging each other in all digital updates.

        Develop a unique product line that incorporates elements from both partners. This should be exciting enough to attract extra foot traffic to your eCommerce space or get new customers shopping online.

•        Think carefully about which types of Easter-themed, co-branded products might be compelling to customers or clients from both businesses. Again, be sure to promote via digital channels while encouraging existing followers to support all businesses involved.

Channel: On-site, newsletters, social media, and event marketing.

Advantages: A study conducted by  Worldwide Business Research and commissioned by Partnerize indicates that more than half of participating businesses have seen partnerships drive more than one-fifth of their total revenue. This strategy improves brand awareness and may also increase loyalty through the power of association.

Expected reach: Astounding reach is possible, including not only all of your social media followers but also all of your partner’s followers and contact lists. Both brands can inform their subscribers about the upcoming collaboration and mutually benefit from this initiative.

Annual patterns vary significantly from one business to the next, nevertheless all eCommerce specialists can exploit from implementing creative Easter promotion ideas that boost engagement and help them stick out in a sea of holiday marketing messages. Strategic selection is essential, though; without it, the return on investment for Easter marketing campaigns may be restricted. By using an Omni channel customer engagement platform, you can design a precisely impressive marketing campaign and using all available channels you can get to different audiences and demographics.

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