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Samsung's Bixby Will Clone Your Voice to Answer Calls for You

24.02.2023 06:45 AM
Samsung's Bixby Will Clone Your Voice to Answer Calls for You
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Samsung's Bixby Will Clone Your Voice to Answer Calls for You
Samsung has announced new updates for its Bixby assistant that improves the user experience, performance, and smart assistant capabilities.

The Korean technology giant said in a post on its blog that the new updates provide significant improvements in Pixby's ability to recognize the language, giving people more control of their mobile phone experience.

Samsung has provided with the WNI UI 5 user interface with Bixby Text Call, but the first version of the feature was limited to Korean only. Now the feature has become the English language in the company's phones that use the ONE 5.1 user interface.

It is noteworthy that the Text Call feature transforms the voice calls that return you into text chats that you can read and respond to with text chats turning by the smart assistant into a voice call using the text conversion system into words. It is thus similar to Google's Screen Call.

This feature is useful in the environments where you are not available to respond to calls, especially if they are noisy, you cannot hear calls and speech clearly, or if it is calm that requires you not to disturb those around you.

In this feature, the smart assistant can learn to mimic your voice, by recording some sentences with your voice and then the system works, thanks to the artificial intelligence technique, to simulate the sound. But the Bixby Custom Voice Creator system now only supports the Korean language.

Samsung also said in its post that users can now call the smart assistant with a dedicated word. In the past, the summonses were limited to HI, Bixby or Bixby only. But after the new update, the smart assistant will be called in any word or phrase the user chooses.

And with the new updates also, Bixby became smarter in understanding the context through various applications, for example, you can ask him to start a training session through the Samsung Health application, then ask to run an audio file for this training, so artificial intelligence selects the appropriate files for the type of sports training that I started it.

Given that a lot of modern artificial intelligence is taking place in the cloud, and this raises concerns about privacy, Samsung said that Pixby can carry out some common orders without completely connected to the Internet.

This includes temporary control, snapshot, and running of the lamp, then the vocal dictation based on artificial intelligence is also available in non -communication mode, and it currently supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Korean.
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