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Do we say goodbye to passwords in their traditional form?

17.02.2023 04:37 AM
Do we say goodbye to passwords in their traditional form?
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Do we say goodbye to passwords in their traditional form?
Declaring the death of passwords in their traditional form may be closer to reality than ever, and the alternative to passkeys or passkeys.

In the near future, the user may not need to remember his password to access Facebook on his laptop, all he has to do is put in his email and then biometric authentication or put a PIN through an application on his smartphone.

Digital security experts say that passkeys are safer than passwords, as they greatly reduce the rate of human error that may lead to penetration, such as the majority of users choosing the same password for several sites and accounts, and choosing a simple password that is easy to guess.

In addition, it is almost impossible for hackers to gain access to the application on the user's phone.

Based on this reality, major technology companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are seeking to encourage users to adopt PassKey by including this technology in their operating systems.
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