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The first space rocket made with 3D printing technology was successfully launched on Wednesday from Cape Canaveral, Florida, but a "glitch" occurred during the flight that prevented it from reaching its orbit, according to a live broadcast. Terran 1, developed by Relativity Space, is an unmanned rocket that was supposed to collect data and prove that a 3D-printed spacecraft can withstand the elements just as well as regular spacecraft.
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E-commerce platform Amazon starts delivering orders by drones in California and Texas

26.01.2023 07:50 AM
E-commerce platform Amazon starts delivering orders by drones in California and Texas
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E-commerce platform Amazon starts delivering orders by drones in California and Texas

E-commerce giant Amazon has started delivering orders with drones in California and Texas with the goal of sending packages to customers' homes within the hour, and recently, customers in Lockeford, California and College Station, Texas, received a small number of packages delivered. by Amazon Prime Air drone, reports The Verge.

"Our goal is to bring our drones safely into the skies," Natalie Panke, an Amazon Air spokeswoman, said in a statement. "We started in these communities and will gradually expand deliveries to more customers over time."


And in 2020, the FAA granted the company "Part 135" approval to send packages by drone.

Customers who live in Lockeford and College Station are eligible to register and place orders, while Amazon will notify customers who live elsewhere when drone delivery is available in their area.

The report said customers will receive tracking information and an approximate delivery time after placing the order, when they expect the drone to deliver the package to their backyard.

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