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New features and modifications appearing in “Zoom” and “Instagram”

14.01.2023 09:42 AM
New features and modifications appearing in “Zoom” and “Instagram”
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New features and modifications appearing in “Zoom” and “Instagram”
Some websites revealed that the “Zoom” and “Instagram” applications will get distinctive new features and modifications.

And the Zoom application for video calls will provide its users with new interactive icons to make calls more fun, as callers during a call can replace their faces with interactive faces such as the face of a cat, rabbit or fox.

The new Animojis icons in Zoom are somewhat similar to the interactive Memojis icons from Apple, and copies of the Zoom application will be available to work with Android, iOS, macOS and Windows systems.

In order to take advantage of the new feature, the user must use the application version 5.10.0 or later versions, log in to the application, and during the video call, he can stop the video, and then choose the interactive face that he wants.

According to the available information, “Instagram” will soon make changes to its application for mobile devices, as it will remove the “Shop” tab from the main application bar at the bottom of the screen, and will replace it with the “Reels” tag for short video clips, and some features will be added to the application. Which helps the user to control the user interfaces in a way that makes it more smooth in use.
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