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Technology 2023: Speed, Sustainability and Development

04.01.2023 03:31 AM
Technology 2023: Speed, Sustainability and Development
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Technology 2023: Speed, Sustainability and Development

The past recent years represented a transitional phase for many companies that responded to the new reality with all its criteria, while it was a difficult phase for the other department. In light of this, technological solutions used to manage business emerged amidst significant changes that charted the course of the next stage.

With the end of the year 2022, technology giants publish their reports to present the most prominent achievements of the year at the digital and technological level against the most important developments in technology expected for the year 2023. Between online shopping, developing smart applications, supporting emerging projects, introducing new technological solutions, ensuring communication and virtual communication, strengthening the role of Robots and upgrading services, in addition to encrypted currencies, and entering the world of Metaverse, the pioneers of the sector are anticipating many developments that will affect communications networks with the transition from fifth generation networks to sixth generation. Others point to the important innovations that artificial intelligence has added to all sectors with the proliferation of algorithms and big data. The studies mentioned the importance of technological technologies and their impact on lifestyle, in addition to adopting the issue of climate change and how to preserve the ecosystem while providing the best and easiest programmed solutions.

2023: One year with multiple prospects

Industrial content and the virtual world are a cornerstone, with human jobs paralleling digital jobs. In the year 2023, the labor market and global markets will focus on how technology can fully integrate our daily lives to understand the "language of the Internet". As for innovations, the year 2023 will witness creative forms of artificial intelligence projects for entertainment, business, economy and trade. The picture may seem completely unclear and there are many doubts, but the world of Metaverse will break through the real world with the organization of a comprehensive environment closer to the truth in which multiple experiences aim to transfer these successful experiences to customers.

According to studies, AI will be adopted more widely as decentralized networks, smart platforms, and blockchains pivot to connect businesses. On the other hand, many sectors are still in the early stages of applying artificial intelligence.

With a focus on the risks that each sector went through due to the impact of Corona, artificial intelligence is considered a new model for defining controls related to issues of digital privacy and data security. As for international brands and technology giants, they will start announcing their future plans for various services that enhance the consumption of metaverses and build technological solutions of all kinds. Pioneers of communications stress building a connected world without interruption, especially since the user's aspirations have become larger and more comprehensive. Away from the mobile phone and computer, it is expected that in 2023 tablets, smart glasses, and headsets that support augmented reality will outperform. As for companies wishing to continue, they must keep pace with the digital age and simulate it, and prepare for cooperation and partnerships that serve this purpose.

There has been much talk recently about the cloud and cloud services, which were among the main elements for achieving digital transformation. Certainly, 2023 will be another year for introducing new strategies to adopt the cloud for companies and organizations, especially large ones. And by combining SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS with dedicated functionality, the cloud industry platforms may prove to be the most important part of cloud adoption in the near term. While the year focuses on improving services and strengthening new ones, integrating technology into business and daily life contributes to both sustainability and development. Sustainability is one of the prominent issues currently occupying the center.

Whether working on adopting new technological technologies or preparing for the digital transformation process, identifying the most prominent trends in the sector remains essential for entrepreneurs and communications experts to lead their future strategies and implement the most successful plans.

Communication and communication tools means or necessity?

Wireless networks connect all parts of the world, but the absence of digital infrastructure may prevent successful communication. Within the framework of the actions proposed to enable the digital relationship, governments seek, during the year 2023, to activate their internal systems to connect cities and populations, and to establish communication centers capable of withstanding the massive data flow. Companies will also work during the year 2023 to improve their standards to comply with global protocols that enable the use of smart devices more efficiently.

In parallel, Internet security is a prominent issue for the year 2023, especially with the increase in online activity, as all our devices communicate with each other, the risk of exposure to cyber-attacks becomes greater. On this line, the governments of the region, including the Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait, announce their plans to achieve cyber security, along with partnerships to improve competencies and skills to address all types of attacks or anticipate them before they even occur. This step contributes to the development of the technology sector significantly with the support of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

And because speed is the title of the era, telecommunications companies and service providers focus on improving networks and moving from the fifth generation to the sixth generation, while ensuring that all steps of this transition are for more connected devices.

In light of climate change and warnings of its repercussions, technology is taking another direction to ensure environmental sustainability for the coming years. Among the latest of these projects is the launch of special initiatives by telecom operators and providers to reduce carbon emissions and reach zero emissions by 2030. Far from traditional companies, modern data centers adopt blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to be more sustainable and not waste more resources to store data in a good way.

With regard to health care, the fifth generation networks used provide the best service to patients and support doctors to improve all components of the health sector at the level of communication and remote treatments. Technology is also likely to have a greater place in this sector by the beginning of 2023, with innovations and smart devices currently on the market.

Through sensors and algorithms, data is collected within an advanced infrastructure that enables machines to operate continuously. We will also notice in 2023 more effective protocols to protect customers and companies alike.

While technology devices improve communication, cyber risks are very large and dangerous. Therefore, technology companies are working to develop their teams and their vision to thwart these operations, counter attacks, and assist artificial intelligence in identifying these risks. Despite the speeds offered by the 5G and 6G networks, they will remain limited and need permanent updating and maintenance to meet the number of devices in service.

The transportation, trade, economy and tourism sectors will benefit from the development of technologies in 2023 with the ability to conduct transactions directly and ensure interaction between teams and customers for greater automation.

The course of the digital world at the beginning of the year 2023

Entrepreneurs and small and large companies are betting on the capabilities that digital solutions will reach at all levels. As the world turns to operate more technologies, it is expected that virtual reality and augmented reality will take the largest share of future services and applications to analyze operations more accurately.

Besides the mobile phone, 3D printing will be heavily present with vital industrial applications. Zero emission 3D industries are also likely to lead a green society.

Most important remains the rapidly expanding Metaverse technology to provide customers with rapid access to and investment in the virtual world. More than 75% is expected to be spent on technology and cloud services by 2025, with Metaverse growing between 25-44% annually, and cryptocurrency transactions booming. Studies also predict that spending on technology and information development will reach $47.5 billion in the year 2023, and it will reach $679 billion by the year 2030... so get ready for the technology of the future!

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