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Bill Gates will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars!

27.12.2022 06:37 AM
Bill Gates will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars!
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Bill Gates will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The New York Post reported that American businessman Bill Gates had put up an apartment for sale on Main Street in New York that was intended for his daughter, Jennifer.

She pointed out that Bill Gates previously bought the apartment on Fifth Avenue on Main Street in New York, for five million dollars, and now he is asking for 4.75 million dollars. In the event of a sale, Bill Gates will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The newspaper indicated that in the event of a sale, the new owners will have an apartment of about 223 square meters at their disposal, inside which there are three bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms, an office, a kitchen and windows overlooking the city.

This and the newspaper stated that at first, he bought a residence for his daughter, and she was supposed to live there after graduation, but contrary to that, she got married and moved to another house.

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