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Ways to deal with the post-vacation blues

14.09.2022 05:29 AM
Ways to deal with the post-vacation blues
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Ways to deal with the post-vacation blues

While some consider post-holiday depression a joke, many experience emotional disappointment when the holidays are over. Regardless of those with clinical seasonal affective disorder or depression, nearly everyone considers post-holiday or post-New Year's periods rather gloomy.

In a report published by the Russian "FPR" website, writer Valeria Dashkevich reviewed some simple strategies to help deal with this type of depression:


Exercise is an effective way to improve your mood. During exercise, the body releases chemicals that go directly to the brain, some of which have an effect similar to antidepressants. It is indicated that the practice of yoga, running or walking is well suited to improve mood.

Go out on a trip

Planning a trip helps relieve stress and improve mood, positively affects physical and mental health, as well as reduce anxiety and relieve depression. Thus, taking a short vacation is one of the ways to help overcome depression.


With friends

Staying somewhere with positive people helps improve your mood, without being costly. So it is advised to plan a meal with friends, which creates a new positive spirit within you and helps you take care of yourself.

Write down the positives

If you feel that there are no exciting developments in your life, you should focus on the positive things that are going well, and everything that will benefit you in the future. Therefore, psychologists advise writing down all the positive events that you experience.

Change convictions

The weather can affect one's behavior, yet a number of things should be done that will benefit you and those around you, even in the absence of internal motivation. In this regard, one should convince oneself not to be upset about the bad weather, as well as plan to spend quality time with friends and do a series of activities.

Enjoy the peace

Many people have a busy schedule during the holidays, so try to get a little rest during the holiday period, and put everything back in order. Relaxation helps to overcome a variety of psychological problems, including anxiety related to illness and insomnia.


Food improves mood

According to data from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, food plays an important role in improving mood or deteriorating mental health. For example, eating foods such as sauerkraut helps improve bowel function, and meat, poultry and dairy products can be added to the diet, which increases alertness and deals with depression.

Vitamin “D"

Vitamin D plays an important role in improving mental health, in addition to maintaining the necessary blood sugar level, and strengthening the immune system.


Studies show that relaxing the mind and body thanks to meditation can increase the activity of the prefrontal cortex, which is specifically responsible for happiness, while decreasing activity in the area responsible for stress.

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