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Impress your guests by creating your own wedding website!

11.09.2022 09:00 AM
Impress your guests by creating your own wedding website!
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Impress your guests by creating your own wedding website!

If you are looking to create a website for your wedding, this article will help convince you that it is the right choice to make. Creating a wedding website is beneficial to you and your guests in many ways. Fortunately, the wedding website is more useful nowadays than before due to the new way of living.

In this article, you will learn about the 7 benefits of owning a wedding website.

1-   Cost-effectiveness

The first advantage is that you will notice that the wedding planning process is much more cost-effective. There is no need to print the invitations - which can be expensive. Fortunately, dooklik have plenty of affordable website templates with useful features for engaged couples.

Some of the features include attendance confirmation forms and a admin and stats panel capable of monitoring website visits. Through the site, you can send invitations online easily. You can also allocate or save the budget for other things instead.


2-    Environmentally friendly

Besides being cost-effective, having a wedding website allows you to apply the principle of caring for the environment, and even more, if the wedding is 100% virtual. You can reduce paper, single-use plastics, flower arrangements, and more.

Also, you can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing back-and-forth trips to service provider meetings or various appointments. Alternatively, you can have discussions via the website or via emails.


3-    Share your love story

The website is the perfect platform to share your love story. It can contain the details of your relationship so that people will get to know you better.

You can add some photos to the website and create a photo gallery and give people details by writing a blog post or About Us page.

Take a look at different wedding websites before creating your site to see what features should be available.


4-    Confirm attendance

You will have a central platform to easily insert and manage guest responses about confirmation of attendance through the website, especially if the number of guests is large or there are invitees abroad. You can manage it using the website's control panel - which often comes with a beginner-friendly interface.

To manage confirmation requests, start by creating a form and sending it to guests. Test the form yourself before submitting, and make sure there are no errors. Wait for the guests to answer, and that's it - no mailing needed.

When guests begin to confirm requests to respond to their invitations, you can manage the list within the site and notify relevant service providers or family members for assistance.


5-   Wedding Broadcast

If you are planning a virtual wedding, this is the purpose of the site. Using the included links or plugins, you can embed the wedding live broadcast on the site for easy access by guests.

And just like all virtual weddings, start by choosing a platform - Instagram Live, Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live or YouTube Live, depending on the attendees. So, check the number of people present online and estimate the numbers.

Make a backup plan and choose a site builder that provides technical support, to avoid problems. Also choose one or two people to manage the live broadcast.


6-   Communication with guests

The content of the wedding website helps provide information about the ceremony, such as the location, theme, dress code, gift book, or link to broadcast the wedding electronically. You can focus on the party instead of always answering distracting texts or calls.

The website is also useful for sharing emergency last minute wedding changes with your guests because the website will be the main source of information. In addition, you can communicate through a blog post, FAQ page, feedback, or a contact form that you can create within the site.


7-   Let the guests post their wishes

Your guests can easily post their wishes on the site. Either by setting up a comments section on the home page. So that you and other guests or family members can share happiness.

Whether you are a consultancy company, creative agency, contractor, wedding planner, doctor, lawyer, middle or small firm, recruitment, real estate agent, or accountant, make sure you are found when your potential customer is looking for what he wants online before even knowing you.
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