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The most important steps for a successful digital transformation in 2021

28.05.2021 05:46 AM
The most important steps for a successful digital transformation in 2021
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The most important steps for a successful digital transformation in 2021
Digitization or digital transformation has been one of the most prominent trends over the past few years. As many organizations prepare to digitize, research from McKinsey & Company shows that less than a third of the efforts to achieve digital transformation are successful. In light of the failures associated with these various problems, such as failure to hire leadership, failure to change employee’s mindset, and the lack of having the appropriate tools, organizations can take clear steps to increase the success rate and achieve a successful digital transformation.

Digital transformation is the use of digital technology as part of the mechanisms and structure of work. Websites have a new role to play; it is clear that a high-quality brand website is now an integral component of any effective digital transformation, and that consumer standards for web design are higher than ever.

And it seems that, no matter what the industry is, a website that is up to date, informative and aesthetically pleasing builds trust with potential clients and, therefore, can impact customer acquisition and conversion rates.

Steps for a successful digital transformation:

1-  Leadership

Leadership is one of the most important elements of any initiative, because it informs, helps motivate, and inspires ideas.

The two most important aspects of leadership are to enhance the leadership application of digital transformation and provide the speed associated with digital transformation. This means that management, senior management, and even the CEO should implement digital transformation and be enthusiastic about this new behavior.

Most organizations started training management and senior employee’s months before implementing the digital transformation initiative for this purpose. 


2- Communication:

Good communication is essential to achieving digital transformation. It is important to prepare a clear scenario related to the transformation, so that employees understand the function of the tools, why they are being used, and ensure that employees know that it is not about restructuring and that their jobs will be protected.

It also means providing employees with clear resources to learn new skills, understand new technologies, and apply the ideas they are encouraged to.

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3- Ideas

Promoting the use of the right ideas to achieve digital transformation is important. This means providing a clear line of communication regarding schedule, results, and goals. You can set up a schedule, present workshops and courses, provide e-learning courses, and set up initiatives, such as virtual platforms or digital billboards that display results to keep employees motivated and developed.


4- Digital tools:

Digital tools are one of the keys to achieving true digital transformation. And it is the main pillar of the phrase "digital transformation", which means that your choice and use of digital tools may help you achieve a transformation or prevent you from achieving it.

How to choose the right tools? 

Digital tools are often the first thing that people think of when talking about digital transformation. The goal is often to upgrade enterprise systems to cloud applications and digital first applications to provide new opportunities, different ways of working, and more diverse businesses.

The actual implementation of a digital transformation will depend heavily on your organization and its needs:
  • Virtual networks and virtual private networks
  • Central administration of networks, servers, and tools
  • Digital communication through apps, tablets and gadgets
  • PaaS or IaaS virtualization technologies include these computers, servers, and networks
  • VoIP calling, video conferencing, and other communication technologies
  • Virtual Print Grids


Digital transformation is the application and use of modern technology to be more diverse, in order to achieve rapid transformation, often to reduce costs. However, these changes can be time consuming, costly, and sometimes have negative impacts on the organization itself.

Introducing changes usually depends on taking steps to promote use and encourage change, creating a structure to support that change, and setting goals to work towards. Depending on your organization, you will need a set of motivational and communication tools, and business mechanisms to support that transformation in order for it to truly succeed.
With a solid digital foundation in place, anchored by a well-strategized website, a company can effectively leverage positive brand image to increase sales, build PR, generate a robust social media presence and create a top-down marketing campaign across all media.

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