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Factors to consider before redesigning your website

22.08.2022 09:31 AM
Factors to consider before redesigning your website
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Factors to consider before redesigning your website

Ten or even five years ago, websites had different designs than modern ones. Like an old model car that you can identify and take out of the middle of newer cars, you can tell if the design of this site is new or old. With the massive technological development in recent years, such as purchasing through mobile websites, redesigning your old website has become an urgent need and even meets the needs of your customers. But before you redesign your website again, there are several things to keep in mind. If you want to know these considerations, just follow this article.

1. Gather all the important information on the site

Gathering important information and data that you want to add to the site, the designer and programmer will help re-design the site. This will help reduce time and cost. You must know which pages you want to keep on the site and which pages you want to exclude or want to change. Where you should put in front of the website development and design company that you will deal with the following:

A list of all the pages you want on the site

A list of the services you need with their importance

A list with product specifications, price, pictures and all information about it company vision

A list of all company information such as contact details such as email, phones and addresses

It is also important to clarify the most important information you have that you want to highlight the most.

2. High quality logo design with many formats

Whether you want to design a new logo or continue with the same old logo, a number of high-quality logo formats should be provided. The presence of a number of sizes and formats for the logo helps the programmer to work more comfortably, which helps him to display it better on the site. Among the necessary formats to provide are PNG, vector file, and all known image formats. As well as different consistent colors that serve the site, such as light and dark colors.

3. Use a professional designer and photographer

Pictorial content spreads more quickly than written content. Therefore, by using attractive and high-quality images that reflect the impression of your brand and make it more popular. The site developer can use ready-made images, but they will not give life to your products that you want to market and sell. Therefore, before you start redesigning your site, you should hire a professional photographer to show your products and services. It is also possible to hire a professional designer to display the designs of the offers in a more attractive way, as these images and designs can be used later on in promotional and marketing campaigns on the Internet.

4. Imagine what your website would look like

When you visualize the look and design of your site, you help the website designer and developer identify a specific design before starting and not make him resort to using a design that is far from your imagination. Hence the consumption of more time, effort and money. You can first look at the sites that offer the same services as yours and what are the most successful ones, where you can extract the most important elements that you want in your site, such as:

Font shape

Website colors

Segmentation and layout of the site such as the number of columns, rows and lists

Icons View Images

And you can resort to taking screenshots to help the designer segment and design the site.

5. Make a list of the site's basic needs

Try to help the designer and programmer with the basics or needs you want to add to the site, such as:

Blog. If you need a blog on the site to jot down promotional articles

Electronic shop. If you need a store through which the buyer buys the goods

Interactive lists. Interactive menus make it easier for the user to browse the site and quickly move between pages without getting bored, such as ordering by location, price, size, availability, offers, etc.

Pages for clients. These pages facilitate browsing the site, save the products you want and the items you are interested in, as well as archive any previous purchases

Event organizer. Event Organizer is an add-on for the site that displays upcoming events that your company will undertake

Registration lists. Registration lists help to know potential customers to buy

Team. The team page shows all the team members in your company and introduces each of them

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