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The first space rocket made with 3D printing technology was successfully launched on Wednesday from Cape Canaveral, Florida, but a "glitch" occurred during the flight that prevented it from reaching its orbit, according to a live broadcast. Terran 1, developed by Relativity Space, is an unmanned rocket that was supposed to collect data and prove that a 3D-printed spacecraft can withstand the elements just as well as regular spacecraft.
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Xiaomi’s CyberOne robot takes a step toward connected living

18.08.2022 09:20 AM
Xiaomi’s CyberOne robot takes a step toward connected living
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Xiaomi’s CyberOne robot takes a step toward connected living

A $104,000 Chinese humanoid robot named CyberOne has been unveiled at an event in Beijing.

The new robot has arms and legs that allow it to walk just like a real human, equipped with AI technology that allows it to detect 45 human emotions.

Revealing it just a month before the highly anticipated launch of Tesla's robot, Optimus, Lee Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of the manufacturer, said, "With AI at its core and a full-size human framework as its vessel, this is an exploration of the potential of the future technology ecosystem. for the company".


The robot can recognize 85 different environmental sounds and 45 human feelings, and the statement added: "CyberOne is able to detect happiness and even comfort the user in times of sadness."

As for the price, it is still unclear exactly, although Li Jun said it is likely to be in the range of 600,000 to 700,000 yuan (about $89,100 to $104,000).

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Chinese electronics company Xiaomi introduced the CyberOne robot back in August, and recently shared a new video of it playing the drums. Although the tempo is slow at the moment, the advantage is that it can maintain the tempo appropriately.

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Garmi is not different from other robots, as it is installed on a mobile base and is equipped with a robotic arm and a black screen on which two blue circles appear as its eyes... However, this robot represents a dream for retired doctor Gunther Steinbach because it is able to diagnose diseases and perhaps provide appropriate treatments and care in the future.
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Many, especially housewives, complain about household chores that take a long time and drain great efforts, and robots that work with artificial intelligence have found a solution that reduces these burdens by about 40 percent within a decade.
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