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These 5 new solar panel technologies will revolutionize energy production

10.08.2022 06:53 AM
These 5 new solar panel technologies will revolutionize energy production
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These 5 new solar panel technologies will revolutionize energy production

When most people hear the phrase "solar" they immediately think of a good "ole" solar panel on a rooftop or a solar farm in the desert. And for good reason: Conventional utility-scale solar panels and rooftop solar panels have dominated the solar market up until this point.

But there are now many exciting new solar panel technologies either in the pipeline or already on the market. These promising technologies will revolutionize the way we think not only about solar energy, but about energy production in general. Solar energy no longer requires large plots of land or surface area, nor does it need to seem boring. Read on to find out more.

#1 Floating Solar Farms (aka 'floatovoltaics')

Floatovoltaics" are solar photovoltaic systems built to float on reservoirs, dams, and other bodies of water.

Floating solar farms can generate huge amounts of electricity without using valuable land or real estate. Floating photovoltaic panels installation costs are lower than ground-based photovoltaic panels. Research has also shown that the power output of floating solar panels is up to 10% greater due to the cooling effect of water.


#2 Solar BIPV Technology

Built-in PV devices, as the name suggests, blend seamlessly into the building structure in the form of roofs, awnings, curtain walls, facades, and skylight systems. Unlike traditional solar photovoltaic panels, BIPV can be aesthetically appealing rather than a compromise to building design.

Of course, aesthetics alone are not enough for solar buyers; It is also not enough. Economics matters too. The good news is that BIPV solar panel systems enable homeowners to save on building materials and electrical energy costs. By substituting BIPV for standard building materials, you can lower the additional cost of solar panel mounting systems.

BIPV technology, when used on building facades, atrium, porch floor, and canopies, provides the following benefits:

Increase energy efficiency

High heat and sound insulation

Clean and free energy production from the sun

Low operating and operating costs

Zero carbon footprint

Mounted photovoltaic glasses as a building material act as a power generation device, allowing natural light into homes and offices, just like traditional architectural glasses.


#3 Solar Skins

Solar skins is a new PV technology for incorporating custom designs into solar panel systems. The solar skin technology is similar to the scrolls displayed on bus windows.

Furthermore, solar leather systems use less rail racking, sit less, have a neat finish, hide metal components, and give the panels a super cool look. If panel aesthetics prevent you from going solar, Cystein SolarSkins might be the solution you are looking for.


#4 Solar Fabric

Fabricated solar home clothing can help you save on solar panel installation and installation costs.


#5 Photovoltaic Solar Noise Barriers (PVNB)

Traffic noise on US highways has always been a concern for everyone. To get around this issue, 48 states have built nearly 3,000 miles of traffic noise barriers. Noise barriers have always been built with the sole aim of designing cost effective barriers that perform efficient noise reduction functions. However, the goal of the US Department of Energy has now evolved to integrate noise reduction with sustainable energy generation.

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