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Elon Musk said people will be 'blown away' by Optimus robot that will be revealed at AI Day

08.08.2022 09:04 AM
Elon Musk said people will be 'blown away' by Optimus robot that will be revealed at AI Day
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Elon Musk said people will be 'blown away' by Optimus robot that will be revealed at AI Day

Elon Musk has revealed an image of his company's Optimus robot, which will be fully revealed at the end of next month.

The tech giant showed an image of the heart-shaped robotic hands at the company's annual shareholder meeting in Austin, where it spoke about the full unveiling of Tesla's robot at AI Day on September 30.

Few details are known about the robot, but Musk said it will handle tasks that humans find boring or repetitive and can even act as a companion.

Musk said: “The day of artificial intelligence... I think people will be amazed.” The Tesla robot includes some features and characteristics, as it weighs 125 pounds, and includes the autopilot computer used in the company’s electric cars, which will allow a person to identify things in the real world, although The robot will have its own dedicated sensors and actuators.

It will also be able to lift up to 150 pounds, carry 45 pounds, walk 5 miles per hour and have human-like hands as well as optical sensors that give it the ability to "see".

“You can talk to it and say please lift that latch and fit it in a car with a wrench,” Musk previously said of the robot. Tesla autopilot cameras will also be installed in the front of the robot’s head and its inner workings will be powered by the company’s fully self-driving computer.

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