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Tools to Browse Old Versions of Any Website

04.08.2022 05:16 AM
Tools to Browse Old Versions of Any Website
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Tools to Browse Old Versions of Any Website

It's curious to see how much the internet has changed over the years. Do you want to see what Google was like in the nineties, do you want to see what Facebook looked like in its early days?

We'll give you tools to help you go back in time and view old versions of any website.

Whether you are interested in viewing old websites or want to find information that is no longer on the web, it is good and useful to know how to view old versions of websites.

1.   Wayback Machine

Best tool for viewing old web pages. The Internet Archive Project is a non-profit library of websites, software, movies, and books.

The Wayback Machine regularly captures and saves screenshots of thousands of websites. The site currently contains more than 600 billion web pages.

To find an old version of any website, it is enough to type the website address in the search bar and then the tool will display a timeline of the past years, choose the year and then choose the day within one of the months.


2.   Archive Today

This website has a simple homepage but features a huge library of websites archived over the past years.

In order to view an old version of any website, you can search by entering the website link and then the tool will display all the snapshots of that website in reverse chronological order.


3.   Old Web Today

This tool does not archive web pages, but rather pulls archives from an Internet Archive project and runs them by emulating old browsers to take you back to the early days of the Internet.

You can also browse the current versions of websites through these older browsers which are Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mosaic Browser.

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