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The most important benefits of digital transformation in education

30.07.2022 04:14 AM
The most important benefits of digital transformation in education
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The most important benefits of digital transformation in education

The global Corona epidemic crisis has made education transform in most institutions and different countries a digital transformation based on devices from computers and laptops to smart phones, tablets and others, as it depends on various distance learning systems starting from primary to higher education at all levels from bachelor’s degree to master’s degree And in this there was a set of benefits and features that need thousands of lines to explain, but we will be content with this topic to have a special talk about a group of five important benefits of those benefits in this digital transformation of education, which included many educational systems, as follows:

The Digital Library: Interest in the development of the digital library has become one of the most important features of digital transformation, and this matter has made the student in various educational institutions in front of an irreplaceable opportunity to benefit from limitless knowledge so that it is easier for him in the case of scientific research or study by all means to identify various scientific sources Very easily no matter how big or old. Any book or topic you want to read about, you just need to search for it in various digital libraries with ease from your device without the usual search in huge traditional libraries.

Virtual Classes: These classes helped the student to save time instead of wasting it in going and back to and from his home in the case of regular classes or being subjected to the harassment of circumstances such as uncomfortable sitting, grunts, noise, etc. and their explanations, as well as communication with the rest of the students who are in the same condition and educational stage. You are now in the video chat rooms in the atmosphere of the regular classes interact and participate and this helps in developing your multiple skills and communication abilities as well.

Electronic exams: It qualifies the student for understanding by relying on locating the information and deducing it, not memorizing it and forgetting it as a result of the lack of training on it and its memorization. This is in addition to the student's calm and stable psychological state, which is not disturbed by his presence at home in his usual atmosphere, as it does not happen in regular exams, which makes the matter for him as if he had a private lesson.

Educational videos: They are not only for explanation, but also to identify the practical parts of the different curricula. For example, you can see through them the experiments, methods of preparation, various graphics and other similar things. You can watch them hundreds of times, stop them, restart them, slow them down or speed them up without missing them and without the teacher having to repeat the matter same. These videos are presented in a variety of ways and do not adhere to a particular way, which makes you search for the most appropriate method and method for you to watch, learn from, and take various notes about them.

Electronic surveys: It is an excellent way to facilitate the evaluation of the educational process as a whole so that its strengths are strengthened and the various weaknesses that may appear in it. Everyone participates in these quick electronic surveys from the traditional paper ones, which include discussing various conditions and educational means and even assessing the student himself and his teacher, and then improving his educational and personal level and the advancement of the teacher with the ability to criticize him, and this is not available in the normal educational process.

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