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Catastrophic threats facing humans right now!

16.11.2021 10:33 AM
Catastrophic threats facing humans right now!
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Catastrophic threats facing humans right now!
Lars Henrik Augur, a science specialist in the Danish newspaper Berlingske, declared that giant volcanoes are a natural threat to life on Earth.

Ugur points out in his newly published book, "The Book of the Great Evil of Disasters", from which the newspaper quotes some excerpts, that as a result of the eruption of the volcano 75,000 years ago on the island of Sumatra, "a thick layer of lava, soot and volcanic ash covered large areas, under which animals were buried. And plants in a radius of hundreds of kilometers around the volcano.

He adds, the volcano ejected a huge mass of volcanic ash and gases that formed a large cloud that covered most of Asia and deprived it of sunlight. Any of these areas lived in the dark. This natural disaster led to the phenomenon of volcanic winter, where the average temperature drop reached 10 degrees Celsius over several years.

"We can probably guess how the eruption of this volcano affected our ancestors," he says. He pointed out that after a few years the temperatures returned to their normal level, and there were only a few thousand people on Earth at that time. That is, humanity has become an endangered species.
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