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Warning! Do not put the "Wi-Fi" device in these places

20.08.2021 07:52 AM
Warning! Do not put the "Wi-Fi" device in these places
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Warning! Do not put the "Wi-Fi" device in these places
Where the router is located at home plays a big role in the quality and stability of the Wi-Fi signal signal.

The Russian portal Hi-tech revealed a set of detailed instructions on where to install the device for a good and continuous Internet.

It was advised not to install the "router" near electrical appliances and keep it away from microwaves. The kitchen is also not a good place to distribute the Internet from there.

Also, the device should not be placed low on the ground because it will interfere with the normal signal flow, in addition to not placing it near the computer itself, and heating devices are considered an enemy to it, as the heat will disrupt the work of the device and heat it.
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