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Factors to Consider in Choosing a life Partner

08.11.2023 02:39 AM
Factors to Consider in Choosing a life Partner
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 Factors to Consider in Choosing a life Partner

Dr. Natalia Krasilnikova, a psychologist, has unveiled intriguing insights into the criteria that pique the interest of both men and women when selecting a life partner through online dating platforms. In an interview featured in the newspaper "Izvestia," Dr. Krasilnikova emphasizes the pivotal role of visual interaction as the initial phase in the world of online dating, with the external appearance emerging as a crucial determinant in partner selection. However, it's worth noting that the interpretation of visual cues can differ between men and women.

Dr. Krasilnikova explains that women tend to be more discerning, delving into finer details to form their impressions. When evaluating a man's profile, women scrutinize his physical appearance, attire, and even the backdrop of his photos. They meticulously analyze the information provided in the individual's profile, considering a complex array of factors to guide their decision-making process.

She elaborates, saying, "Women scrutinize specific details of a man's appearance and may even pay attention to interior elements. Approximately 23 percent of women focus on a man's hands in photos to assess whether his nails are well-groomed. Seventeen percent might be concerned about the tidiness of his living space, while 35 percent consider his choice of clothing. In contrast, men tend to prioritize aspects such as a woman's facial features, body shape, and overall appearance. Consequently, women are encouraged to include recent photos, including full-length shots, in their profiles. Generally, men prioritize the quality of the photos and their backgrounds."

This divergence in perception and evaluation of potential connections is attributed to the distinct approaches employed by men and women. Men tend to adopt a deductive approach, starting with a broad overview before delving into specifics, while women prefer an inductive method, where they initially analyze nuances to build a holistic understanding of the individual.

Dr. Krasilnikova also highlights the intriguing role of scent in the initial stages of dating. She asserts, "A person's scent carries greater significance than their voice. When meeting for the first time, both genders assess each other's natural scent. Recent research affirms that 50 percent of men and 75 percent of women express a profound interest in an individual's natural odor rather than the scent of perfumes. In fact, an unpleasant body odor on a physiological level can potentially become a decisive factor leading to the cessation of communication."





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