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Fake interviews make a young American a famous YouTuber

18.08.2021 11:11 AM
Fake interviews make a young American a famous YouTuber
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Fake interviews make a young American a famous YouTuber
The process of preparing and publishing videos on YouTube has become one of the things that can turn into a good source of income for those who succeed in achieving a large amount of views on their channel, but it is a path that requires a lot of effort and patience.

YouTube video publishers generate large financial returns that are directly proportional to the number of views that the videos they publish.

The American magazine “Newsweek” published a report on the story of an American young man from Louisiana, who started on that task and did not achieve any views at first until he stopped for a while, before returning and achieving 70 million views on his channel from a group of videos that talk about interviews that include unreal events that are conducted Treat it sarcastic.

James Bates says that his first video has achieved nearly 8 million views on YouTube" and was talking about protecting the house from thieves.

The young American says that the idea of conducting a sarcastic interview that contains humor is not exclusive to it, but many preceded it, but the difference is in writing the text, photography and performance.

James Bates also indicated that some videos depend on the use of existing content and its production in a sarcastic manner, such as the use of the video of the young man, who was tied to the seat of a passenger plane on an airline in the United States of America after he assaulted flight attendants, noting that this video achieved About 5 million views.

Bates pointed out that his videos of fake interviews have achieved nearly 70 million views thanks to their participation on many platforms.

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