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Applications that harm your smartphone

20.10.2023 04:59 AM
Applications that harm your smartphone
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Applications that harm your smartphone

Technical expert and director of IT-Reserve, Pavel Myasoedov, warned of some applications that could cause harm to smartphones and spy on their data.

In an interview with the Prime website, the expert said: “There are some free applications that we download on our phones that may cause harm to those devices, and they may sometimes hide inside them malicious software that harms the phones and spies on their data.”

He added: “When we download some free applications, such as flashlight applications or some QR code scanning applications, we automatically agree to the terms of use permissions imposed by the developers of that software, and once we agree to those terms and download the application, software developers can sometimes access the data of our devices and spy on them, or "Malware is loaded onto our devices, so we should remove all untrusted free apps from our phones if we don't need them."

Myasoedov pointed out that many applications that harm phones and smart devices have been discovered, including: Contour Level Wallpaper, Video Maker, Accurate Scanning of QR Code, Anime Live Wallpaper, Beauty Slimming Photo Editor, Fingertip Graffiti, and GIF Camera Editor. Player & iWallpaper, iHealth Step Counter, Super Flashlight, Super Wallpapers Flashlight, Beauty Camera Plus, Composite Z, Screenshot Caputre, Wuxia Reader.

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