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Does Elon Musk earn $142,000 per minute?

02.10.2023 03:42 AM
Does Elon Musk earn $142,000 per minute?
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Does Elon Musk earn $142,000 per minute?

Billionaire Elon Musk denied allegations that he earns more than $142,000 every minute, explaining that he loses more money when Tesla's stock declines.

Musk responded to an “X” user, saying that such reports depend on “ridiculous metrics,” and that he primarily owns shares in companies he helped create, explaining that technically he loses large sums of money every time Tesla’s stock declines.

This response comes after reports indicated that Musk's net worth increased by an average of about $2,378 per second over 3 years, equivalent to $142,680 per minute or $8,560,800 per hour.

According to these reports, if Musk sleeps for 8 hours, he will wake up with $68,486,400.

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