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Elon Musk secretly welcomed third child with Grimes

11.09.2023 02:52 AM
Elon Musk secretly welcomed third child with Grimes
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Elon Musk secretly welcomed third child with Grimes

Through his favorite platform, American billionaire Elon Musk revealed the name of his third child with Canadian singer Grimes, bringing the number of his publicly known children to 11.

The owner of the “X” platform revealed today, Sunday, in a tweet via his account, that a new baby has joined his family and they have named him “Techno Mechanicus,” and he is called “Tao,” while his first brother is called “X Æ A-Xii,” as he is called. Their sister, "Axa Dark Cedariel," according to what was reported by the New York Times.

“Tau Techno Mechanicus Circumference/Diameter,” the controversial man wrote in a comment on a tweet mentioning the names of his three children with the Canadian singer.

It is noteworthy that “Tau” is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet, and it is similar to the letter T in English. In the field of astronomy, it refers to the nineteenth brightest star among the planets in the sky.

Musk had never previously revealed that Grimes had a third child with him, and kept the matter secret until he revealed that in a tweet today. But what is noteworthy is that this came after a tweet that Grimes had shared earlier in which she begged for the opportunity to see her son "My lawyer. I have not been allowed to see a picture of these children until this moment, even though it breaks my heart and my family."

Grimes received an automated response at the time, from Twitter comms, which included: “We will respond to you soon.”

The 34-year-old Canadian singer accuses the CEO of the electric car giant Tesla, from whom she separated after a three-year relationship, of preventing her from seeing her children, according to the American newspaper.

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