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Datça: The beautiful Turkish peninsula forgotten by time

07.09.2023 04:54 AM
Datça: The beautiful Turkish peninsula forgotten by time
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Datça: The beautiful Turkish peninsula forgotten by time

The Datça peninsula offers unspoiled natural beauty, nestled between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas in southwestern Turkey. Unlike nearby tourist hotspots like Marmaris and Bodrum, Datça remains mostly undeveloped due to strict construction laws.

The charming Datça port serves as the heart of local life, featuring fish restaurants along the waterfront and quaint shops and modern cafes in the backstreets. The area's serene ambiance remains untouched by mass tourism.


Nine small villages dot the peninsula, with narrow streets leading to the ancient ruins of Knidos, a Greek city in Caria.

Along Datça town's waterfront, the Palaia Hotel, a modern interpretation of traditional architecture, offers airy rooms and an Aegean cuisine restaurant.

In the old town, the Ultava Houses provide a boutique hotel experience, while further afield in Cumalı village, traditional stone houses offer a quiet mountain escape.

Local shops in downtown Datça, such as Pehlivan and Datça Köy Ürünleri, offer a variety of almond products. Meşhur Datça Badem Kurabeyicisi is known for its almond cookies, and Kaya Balları sells almond brittle with honey.

The Datça Vineyard and Winery offers wine tastings and Italian dishes in a picturesque setting. In Yaka village, Hestia focuses on dumplings, while Knidia Eco Farm, nestled in the backwoods, provides a tranquil nature retreat.

Datça's serene atmosphere attracts those seeking a slower pace of life, like Ayça Boylu, who runs Tango Kairos tango school. Datça's isolated, relaxed lifestyle is a hallmark of the peninsula.

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