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For over a decade, author Dan Buettner dedicated his efforts to uncovering global longevity hotspots. Collaborating with the National Geographic Society, Buettner embarked on a quest to pinpoint regions characterized not only by a significant population of centenarians but also by communities of individuals who had aged gracefully without succumbing to health issues such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, or diabetes. The results of his extensive research, as well as practical lifestyle recommendations inspired by these remarkable cultures, are detailed in his book, "The Blue Zones Secrets for Prolonging Life: Insights from the World's Healthiest Regions."

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10 million join Threads in under 10 hours

06.07.2023 07:22 AM
10 million join Threads in under 10 hours
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On the day of its release, Meta's brand-new social media app Threads had a massive surge in popularity. Less than 10 hours after introduction, the business stated that more than 10 million people had signed up for the program.
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10 million join Threads in under 10 hours
Deep cross-promotion with Instagram is a key factor in the popularity.
Users of Instagram may sign up for Threads with only one touch and their Instagram login after installing the app from the App Store.
A Threads badge will then display on your Instagram page.
The Threads launch could not be better timed, given the tumult of chaos that continues at Twitter.
Threads is the closest anyone has come to offering a serious Twitter replacement.
Instagram has also promised that Threads will participate in the “fediverse,” although this is not available yet. Soon, Threads will supposedly be compatible with the same ActivityPub protocol that Mastodon uses, so people can follow each other across networks and freely migrate their data, if they want to.
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The Threads app by Instagram is a dedicated messaging platform designed to facilitate intimate and private communication among close friends.
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Threads, the highly anticipated social media application under the umbrella of Facebook's parent company, Meta, is facing criticism for its decision to restrict searches related to terms like "coronavirus," "Covid," and other pandemic-related inquiries.

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Crafted from nearly 8 pounds of gold and adorned with a staggering 6,426 diamonds, a newly revealed coin dedicated to commemorating Queen Elizabeth II's life has the potential to become one of the most valuable coins in history. Its creator has estimated its worth at approximately $23 million.

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