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OPPO Watch 2 series launched with dual-OS and dual chipsets

27.07.2021 09:41 AM
OPPO Watch 2 series launched with dual-OS and dual chipsets
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OPPO Watch 2 series launched with dual-OS and dual chipsets
Oppo is preparing before the end of July to unveil its new smart watch, which will be a prominent competitor to the famous Apple Watch.
According to the latest leaks, the new watch will be similar in design to the Apple Watch, as it will come with a basic rectangular structure, but its edges will be devoid of circular buttons.
The Oppo Watch 2 will get 42mm curved edge touch screens, through which apps can be controlled and the watch connects with phones and smart devices.

Most importantly, the watch will enable the user to make phone calls as it is equipped with eSIм technologies to communicate with cellular networks, as well as GPS satellite positioning systems, an NFC chip for electronic payment, excellent speakers for listening to music, and structures protected from water and dust.
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