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New Efficient and Easy Ways to Teach The Robots New Skills!

22.06.2023 04:02 AM
New Efficient and Easy Ways to Teach The Robots New Skills!
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New Efficient and Easy Ways to Teach The Robots New Skills!

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a method to teach robots household tasks by showing them videos of humans performing those tasks. The robots successfully learned 12 tasks, including opening drawers, oven doors, and lids, as well as handling objects like phones, vegetables, and pots of soup.

This video-based learning enables robots to understand how humans interact with different objects and environments. By analyzing the visual data, the robots learn spatial relationships, gestures, and sequences of actions. This approach eliminates the need for humans to demonstrate tasks or for robots to imitate them in the same environment.

The researchers created a technology called "Vision Bridge for Robotics" that integrates computer vision with robots, enhancing their perception and capabilities. This technology enables robots to make informed decisions, navigate complex environments, interact with objects and humans, and perform tasks more efficiently and accurately.

The researchers used thousands of hours of videos to train the robots, allowing them to adapt their behavior to various situations and generalize their knowledge to new scenarios. This video-based learning approach reduces the need for manual programming and enables robots to learn independently, making them easier to integrate into different applications.

It also provides a more natural and intuitive interaction experience between humans and robots, particularly in fields such as social robots, healthcare, and assistance robots.

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