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For over a decade, author Dan Buettner dedicated his efforts to uncovering global longevity hotspots. Collaborating with the National Geographic Society, Buettner embarked on a quest to pinpoint regions characterized not only by a significant population of centenarians but also by communities of individuals who had aged gracefully without succumbing to health issues such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, or diabetes. The results of his extensive research, as well as practical lifestyle recommendations inspired by these remarkable cultures, are detailed in his book, "The Blue Zones Secrets for Prolonging Life: Insights from the World's Healthiest Regions."

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How supermarkets trick you into spending more... The secret revealed!

17.06.2023 08:30 AM
How supermarkets trick you into spending more... The secret revealed!
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How supermarkets trick you into spending more... The secret revealed!

Recent research conducted by the University of Bath has shed light on the impact of music on shoppers' behavior in supermarkets. The study reveals that when music is played in stores, shoppers tend to spend approximately 10% more on their purchases. However, this effect is specific to weekdays (Monday to Thursday) due to the mental fatigue that weekday shoppers often experience after a full day of work. The uplifting power of music improves their mood and encourages them to spend more during these days.

To explore the relationship between music and sales on different days of the week, the researchers analyzed 150,000 shopping transactions in a Stockholm supermarket from 7 am to 11 pm. They compared the shopping experiences when background music was played to those when the supermarket remained silent.

The findings indicate that shoppers during weekdays spent 10% more when music was playing in the background. Dr. Carl Philipp Albom, the study author, explains, "During the week, people have limited time, and many engage in grocery shopping after a full day of work. Pleasant music seems to have a mentally calming effect on shoppers, influencing their behavior positively."

Dr. Albom further notes, "Towards the end of the week, people tend to be in higher spirits, and the positive impact of music becomes less pronounced. In fact, playing music on weekends may result in reduced purchases, possibly because it adds to the already busy environment, acting as an additional stressor."

Based on these insights, the researchers suggest that supermarkets should consider optimizing their audio systems to enhance sales during weekdays. Professor Jens Nordwalt emphasizes the clear increase in sales observed, highlighting the potential for significant returns on the relatively modest investments required to install sound systems in stores.

However, it is important for retailers to recognize that different strategies may be necessary to achieve similar effects on weekends when consumers are more active and less receptive to this type of subconscious marketing. Exploring alternative techniques tailored to weekend shoppers could be an appealing avenue for boosting sales during those periods.

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