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Kissing the Future: Elon Musk's Provocative Image Fuels Worries about AI

28.05.2023 05:05 AM
Kissing the Future: Elon Musk's Provocative Image Fuels Worries about AI
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Kissing the Future: Elon Musk's Provocative Image Fuels Worries about AI
Elon Musk has once again perplexed his fans and observers with an image depicting him seemingly kissing a robot, leading to speculation that the robot could be his potential future wife. The internet has been puzzled by a series of images featuring the Tesla and SpaceX founder posing alongside various female humanoids, all of which have been designed using artificial intelligence to possess the characteristics and personalities of women.
While many initially believed that Musk was genuinely kissing a robot, it has been revealed that the images were created using AI. David Marven, CEO of a construction company, shared one of the images and questioned the identity of Musk's supposed future wife. Marven explained that the robot was specifically designed with artificial intelligence to embody the personality and traits of the ideal female partner imagined by Musk.
The purpose behind these images was to demonstrate the potential hazards associated with AI-generated visuals, particularly following the release of Tesla's integrated robot named "Optimus."
Twitter users swiftly expressed their astonishment at the fact that the images were fabricated. One user highlighted the danger of AI, emphasizing how it can be used to deceive people by generating lifelike yet false images.

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