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Out-of-the-Box Rails: Uncovering the Fascinating World of Rule-Breaking Trains

19.05.2023 07:20 AM
Out-of-the-Box Rails: Uncovering the Fascinating World of Rule-Breaking Trains
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Out-of-the-Box Rails: Uncovering the Fascinating World of Rule-Breaking Trains
From railways to railroads, we are all acquainted with the notion of large, weighty vehicles traversing two steel rails, unable to ascend steep inclines. That's the general understanding, isn't it?

However, railway technology proves to be more adaptable than commonly believed. Throughout the past two centuries, it has undergone significant advancements to overcome urban landscapes, mountainous terrains, deep mines, and even the most extreme climates on Earth. Presented here are a collection of extraordinary railways that defy conventional norms in their pursuit of accessing locations inaccessible to traditional trains.
Ferrobus, South America

DMV Road-Rail Bus, Japan

Wuppertal Schwebebahn, Germany
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