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Parents Beware: 4 Potential Dangers of Children's 'Favorite' Ice Cream

08.05.2023 03:57 AM
Parents Beware: 4 Potential Dangers of Children's 'Favorite' Ice Cream
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Parents Beware: 4 Potential Dangers of Children's 'Favorite' Ice Cream
Many people love the soft "creamy" ice cream, which is usually placed on a cone, but this type of ice cream may come with several risks.

And the "House Beautiful" website published 4 reasons to think twice before eating this type of ice cream.


Because soft ice creams are extracted from a particular machine, they are prone to contamination if not properly sterilized.

According to Jeanlyn Hutchings, an official from the American Food Safety Organization: "Soft ice cream ... machines should be cleaned and sterilized every 10 to 24 hours."

Difficulty cleaning

Cleaning a soft serve ice cream machine is not a simple process. According to Hutchings, these machines “often have parts that can be removed and cleaned” while “other parts must be cleaned in place”. Training of personnel on it is essential.
Mixture Contamination

A lot of 'ice cream' is made from an unpasteurized base that needs to be stored at the temperature of a refrigeration appliance, ie below 4°C. Also, it should not be frozen at a very low temperature, so that the mixture does not freeze. Keeping cold without completely freezing is sometimes hard to do.
Poisoning cases
Over the past several decades, there have been numerous cases of food poisoning caused by soft ice cream. In 2005, more than 120 people in Ohio became ill when a soft serve ice cream machine became infected with staph. In a more recent case from 2016, two hospital patients in Seattle became sicker after consuming a milkshake from the hospital cafeteria.
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