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10 interesting things you can do with ChatGBT

05.05.2023 02:49 AM
10 interesting things you can do with ChatGBT
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10 interesting things you can do with ChatGBT
ChatGPT is a useful and powerful AI tool that can be invested in many areas, and it can do a lot of tasks.

Here are 10 things you can do with ChatGBT , according to the Gadgets Now website:

Collect information for research purposes

ChatGBT can be used to gather information on a wide range of topics, from current events to historical facts, scientific concepts, or any other topic you might be interested in. Just ask a question on ChatGBT and it will provide you with the most relevant and accurate information. Keep in mind that the chatgpt databank is mostly limited to 2021.

Learn new languages

You can use ChatGBT as a language learning tool, and practice your language skills by having conversations with the app in different languages.

 Improve your writing skills

ChatGPT can be used to generate ideas for creative writing projects, such as stories, poems, or essays. Just give a thread to ChatGBT and it will give you ideas and suggestions on how to do it.

Improve your grammar and vocabulary

ChatGBT can correct your grammar mistakes and improve your vocabulary by suggesting new words.

Use it as a personal assistant

ChatGBT can act as your personal assistant by scheduling appointments, setting reminders, organizing tasks and creating to-do lists.

Someone to chat with

You can have conversations with ChatGBT on a variety of topics. It can also help you practice your social skills by engaging in conversation with him.

Help in finding a job

ChatGPT can rewrite your resume based on what you require. He can also provide information about career paths and even suggest job search strategies.

Telling jokes

ChatGBT provides a collection of jokes, just ask him to give a joke or two and you will get what you want.

Playing with ChatGBT

ChatGBT does not offer real games, but you can engage with it in wordplay games and more. For example, when we asked ChatGBT to suggest a game, it gave us a game of 20 questions.

Get summaries of search reports and web pages

If you submit long reports to ChatGBT and want a summary of them, you will get what you want in record time.

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