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Tips for keeping your child's teeth healthy

04.05.2023 07:52 AM
Tips for keeping your child's teeth healthy
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Tips for keeping your child's teeth healthy
There is no doubt that dental protection must begin at a very early age, to prevent cavities, protect the gums, and maintain a healthy smile, which has become an urgent requirement in the current era. Also, to maintain the health of the body as well, because the bacteria accumulated in the mouth may lead to many diseases, including heart disease.

To this end, the specialist in pediatric dentistry and people with special needs gave Dr. Nahla Badr a set of advice, which is a two-day routine, with the aim of ensuring oral and dental health for a lifetime.

Teeth cleaning since the appearance of the first tooth: You must start cleaning the teeth and gums of the child when the first milk tooth appears. Milk teeth play an essential role in the following functions: chewing, speaking and smiling.

Correct choice of toothbrush: It is always preferable to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush with toothpaste suitable for the age of the child.

- Daily cleaning: brushing the teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, paying attention to the need to reach all surfaces of the teeth to clean them well.

- Teaching the child how to clean: Supporting the child in brushing his teeth until the age of 8 years is necessary, taking into account teaching him the correct methods of cleaning.

- Flossing starting from four: using dental floss to clean the sides between the teeth starting from the age of 4 years, as the use of floss is not limited to adults only. You may be interested in the treatment of gingivitis.

Fun experience: Try to make your dental brushing routine a positive experience, sing along with your children and listen to songs until you inculcate the habit of caring for your teeth.

Choose sugar-free gum: Encourage your children to use sugar-free gum that contains xylitol for 20 minutes after each meal to help clean teeth.

Explain the importance of dental hygiene: Explain to your children the importance of taking care of oral and dental health, and use correct scientific expressions, such as brushing teeth to remove bacteria and prevent cavities, in order to develop a sense of responsibility and awareness towards their health.

Rinsing: Encourage your children to rinse their mouths with water after eating, in order to remove food debris stuck in the mouth and teeth.

Reducing sugar consumption: Sugars should be avoided because they are dangerous to health in general and oral health in particular

No to soft drinks: Avoid soft drinks for your children, especially soda water, to protect teeth from acid erosion, as well as weight gain.

Choose snacks that do not cause cavities: Between meals, offer your children foods that do not cause cavities, such as vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce...), yogurt with fruits...

- Do not leave a bottle of milk in your child's mouth: Avoid leaving a bottle of milk in your child's mouth while he is preparing to sleep in his bed, because this will lead to early decay in him.

Do not motivate your children with sweets: Beware of motivating your children by offering them sweets as a reward for the positive behavior they do, because this habit is very harmful to the health of the body in general and oral health in particular.

- No to some inherited habits: Avoid kissing your children on the mouth and cooling their hot food by blowing, as this habit allows bacteria to spread to the food and the child's mouth.

- Think of offering them a straw: Using a straw to drink sugary and fizzy drinks is important, to reduce the exposure of teeth to sugar and acid.

Visiting the dentist's office periodically: Visiting the dentist's office every 6 months is very important, for early detection of caries and oral diseases.

Orthodontics: Try to ask your dentist whether your child needs braces to improve the bite and shape of the teeth.

Learn ways to prevent cavities: Ask your dentist about caries prevention methods that your dentist does.

- Think about special molds to protect the teeth: If your child plays sports, it is preferable to use special molds for the teeth in order to protect them from shocks.
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