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Watch a YouTuber who gave food to a homeless person and then ate it

29.04.2023 04:43 AM
Watch a YouTuber who gave food to a homeless person and then ate it
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Watch a YouTuber who gave food to a homeless person and then ate it
A video showing an American YouTuber asking a man sitting on the street if he wanted some food before returning with a meal and eating it in front of him sparked a violent reaction on social media.

The video was posted by Trevon Sellers, who owns a YouTube channel called "whatsuptre", which has 8,800 subscribers, before he later deleted it, according to a report by "Insider".

In the young man's latest video, which has been re-uploaded to Twitter by various users and has garnered millions of views, the YouTuber can be seen standing outside a Wendy's fast food restaurant, discussing homelessness in Los Angeles, California.

"My task today is to make sure we reduce the number of hungry people on the streets," he said.

The video then cuts to a man sitting on the sidewalk, where the young man asks if he can buy a meal including a burger, fries and a drink.

Later, the YouTuber returned to the man with the drink and a bag containing the food, saying, "I want you to enjoy this," as he began to remove the food from the bag.

Then he opened the burger, took a bite of it, and started eating the fries. "Okay, take care of yourself," he said, picking up the drink and turning away from the man. "Have a nice day."

When several well-known Twitter accounts shared the clip, stating that it was a "joke", viewers were outraged and said that what the YouTuber had done was cruel and insulting to the homeless.

Traveler did not explicitly refer to the man in the video as homeless, and a number of Twitter users suggested that the clip could have been filmed, and that the man on the street in the video could be a paid actor.

However, many users said that the sentiment behind the video is still morally wrong even if it was shown, accusing the YouTuber of posting the controversial video in order to create a reaction and spread the clip widely.

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