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How powerful is the NVIDIA Ampere A100 chip?

01.03.2023 08:01 AM
How powerful is the NVIDIA Ampere A100 chip?
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How powerful is the NVIDIA Ampere A100 chip?
At a time when technology companies such as Alphabet, Microsoft and Meta are racing to launch their programs supported by the new form of artificial intelligence, which will reshape how humans use the Internet, the pivotal role played by the A100 chip has come to the fore, which has become one of the most important tools in supporting the development of intelligence. artificial.

According to experts, the A100 chip, which is designed by the American company Nvidia, has become the "backbone" of artificial intelligence professionals at the present time, despite its exorbitant price, which amounts to $ 10,000 per chip, due to the role it plays in activating machine learning models, which Programs such as ChatGPT depend on it.

What is NVIDIA?

It is an American company that designs processors and graphics cards, and it delegates third parties to carry out the task of manufacturing its chips, and it is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in the United States.

95 percent of NVIDIA's share

Despite the presence of many competing companies such as Intel and AMD, NVIDIA was able to acquire a 95 percent share of the graphics processor market, for the uses of artificial intelligence, according to New Street Research, thanks to the development of the capabilities of the products it offers in this field, as it announced a few days ago that it wants To make AI more than a million percent faster, compared to the speeds currently available.

It works like a brain

The A100 chip from NVIDIA is a graphics processor that works like a brain, interprets instructions and tells other components what to do, as artificial intelligence operations cannot take place without this chip that gives any program or application greater processing power for difficult tasks, and these types of processors usually It was not previously used for gaming devices, but the A100 chip has a larger direction, which is the development of artificial intelligence tools.

Crush everyone

And the writer specialized in technological affairs, Alan Al-Qarih, says in an interview with the “Sky News Arabia Economy” website, that the talk related to the A100 graphics processor from NVIDIA is a very difficult technical talk, as all that people need to know about it is that this processor was able to crush all forms of competition. In the graphic processors market, due to its enormous ability to analyze data at an unprecedented speed, and at rates up to several times higher than competitors.

ChatGPT Help Wizard

Al-Qareh explains that the A100 processor is super powerful, capable of analyzing several operations in seconds, and this is what helps a program such as ChatGPT to provide quick answers to users, pointing out that from a technical point of view, no one is able to compete with it except for a new processor from NVIDIA, so the A100 is huge in every way. Something from the graphic and auxiliary memory, to the number and power of processing cores, to the data exchange capacity.

Nvidia competes with itself

Al-Qarih pointed out that NVIDIA started in 2022, offering the H100 processor, which is fiercer and more expensive than the A100 processor, achieving strong sales from it, hence the idea that NVIDIA is now competing with itself in the market for graphics processors related to artificial intelligence, despite the presence of competitors such as AMD, Intel and others. companies.

stronger future

According to Al-Qarah, the first version of the A100 processor was launched from it in mid-2020, and it has so far undergone several updates that have increased its power, and it is expected to become more powerful with the passage of time, as the A100 contains broken parts that need more development processes, which means It has more computing power that will appear in the future in updated versions.

Why such a high price?

Al-Qarih says that the A100 chip is not intended for all businesses, but rather is directed at a specific category of companies, which are investing billions of dollars in developing artificial intelligence tools, stressing that the reason for the price of this chip reaching $10,000 is due to NVIDIA’s success in integrating computing technologies. Superior in a tiny piece of metal, containing 54 billion transistors, the business offering of the A100 chip and the technologies within it are perfectly matched by its price.

It is forbidden to enter China

According to Al-Qarih, what indicates the tremendous power of the A100 chip is that the US authorities identified it by name and prevented NVIDIA from exporting it to China, as this step contributes to paralyzing the ability of Chinese companies to carry out advanced computing work, and it also reduces the risk of using The chip is in military industry products, such as searching satellite imagery for weapons or bases, and filtering digital communications for intelligence-gathering purposes.

Nvidia penetration

Al-Qareh reveals that NVIDIA, even before its launch of the A100 processor, dominated the market for graphics processors related to artificial intelligence, as it had a V100 processor and a Titan RTX processor, but the new processor combined the power of the previous two processors, and strengthened NVIDIA’s penetration in the market of artificial intelligence processors, and devices associated with it such as Smart mobile devices, self-driving cars and self-propelled machines, and surveillance and imaging devices.
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