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A Study Reveals The Most Listened To Bedtime Music... It's Not Classical!
A study, the results of which were published in the scientific journal "Plus One", revealed that rap and pop music is the preferred choice for a large number of people who prefer to listen to music before bed, and not calm classical music, as most people think.

In detail, the researchers reviewed data from the audio broadcasting service "Spotify" to determine the types of music that people who used to listen to music before bed listened to.

A surprising finding of the study, the researchers reported, was that soft classical music was not reported as highly as rap or pop music.
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Safe and stylish! Scientists develop cranberry-infused lipstick that can ward off viruses like COVID, the flu and Ebola

03.01.2023 04:55 AM
Safe and stylish! Scientists develop cranberry-infused lipstick that can ward off viruses like COVID, the flu and Ebola
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Safe and stylish! Scientists develop cranberry-infused lipstick that can ward off viruses like COVID, the flu and Ebola

A Spanish research team has developed cranberry-infused lipstick that can ward off viruses and even help protect those who wear it from influenza, coronavirus, and even Ebola.

This lipstick takes advantage of compounds in this fruit called polyphenols, which can inactivate viruses by altering the proteins in their membranes.

In light of experts' fears that "Covid-19" will remain circulating among the population for years in a row, along with regular annual illnesses, such as influenza, scientists hope that lipstick will be a suitable alternative to a face mask.

Although previous research on cranberry extract is scant, studies have shown that it has antimicrobial properties, which prompted scientists to investigate it further.

And in 2020, researchers from Madrid found that cranberries have an antibacterial effect against pathogens that can cause gum infections.

Another study, conducted by Australian researchers in 2012, found that cranberry juice protected against Staphylococcus aureus - a germ that nearly 30% of people carry in their noses and can cause infections.

Other research by Canadian scientists found that cranberry juice stopped the activity of two other viruses.

The therapeutic properties of cranberries are due to the polyphenols present in this fruit, which interact with virus membranes and change their glycoproteins, which leads to their complete inactivation.

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