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How to build your self confidence?

23.12.2022 02:45 AM
How to build your self confidence?
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How to build your self confidence?

Life is not equal among human beings, as there are material, social, scientific and practical differences between them, and each person has his own way, style, achievements, disappointments and victories.

However, there are those who compare themselves to others all the time, so what is the impact of this on his practical and social life? How can one be more self-confident?

Comparing others is a tiring trap

Dr. Fadia Ibrahim, a researcher specializing in sociology, believes that comparison with others is a tiring trap that some individuals may fall into, causing them anxiety, fatigue and dissatisfaction.

Fadia told Al-Jazeera Net, "Comparing oneself to others can make you a hateful and envious person, which generates a feeling of jealousy, despair and frustration in you, just because some people have preceded you in achievement. This indicates, of course, a lack of self-confidence, and a failure to reach the stage of self-satisfaction."

Compare your accomplishments to your ambitions

To get rid of this feeling, people should only set their own goals without any comparison, neither with the more fortunate nor with the less fortunate. Just compare yourself to yourself, compare your achievements with your aspirations, goals, and even dreams, as we must always strive for real and natural hard work that leads us to our own goals, and not to what others have achieved, according to what the doctor says, who adds: “We should always be proud of our achievements, whatever they are.” Small or simple, and we seek through satisfaction, work and self-development to achieve our goals.

Ibrahim warns of the form that our social life, our relationships, and our consumption behavior have reached, which determine the value of a person by what he owns or by the amount of his consumption. In comparison with others, and we look at life as unfair, it becomes heavy and difficult for us.”

And Ibrahim continues, "If there is indeed a need for comparison, then let it be a positive comparison through which we create an incentive to develop ourselves and be like others with their achievements and successes."

Self-love and respect

The specialist in sociology says, "A person is the son of his environment, so we are keen to provide a healthy environment for our children through education, so we instill in them self-love, respect and self-confidence, and we keep them away from comparing their brothers or classmates, because this instills the seed of looking at the lives of others always, preoccupation with the development of our lives.”

And she adds: "Even the work environment must be healthy and free from negative competition. Managers and leaders must always create an atmosphere of solidarity, assistance and celebration of collective achievements at the expense of individual achievements. And if someone is late, they must be supported constantly and stand by their side so that they can show their best." There is a successful and distinguished person, so we must also rejoice in his success and support him to move forward without envy or jealousy, because individual achievements ultimately flow into the collective interest, whether for the institution, society or even the country.

Positive and negative comparison

For his part, Dr. Ali Al-Ghazou, a specialist in psychology, believes that comparing oneself with others is of two types: the first is a positive comparison, when an individual compares himself to another by looking at his skills, abilities, and energies, which reflect positively on his life path. Here, the individual is able to achieve and develop and looks at himself with respect and self-esteem, and this, in fact, increases his self-confidence.

The other type is the exact opposite comparison, which is "negative". Here, the individual's view of himself is inferior, in the sense that he sees his skills and abilities as weak and cannot reach what others reach. And in this situation begins to enter into self-blame and remorse. What is feared in this case is that a person's self-esteem and self-esteem will decrease, and the matter may develop and exacerbate into psychological conditions, such as depression, stress and anxiety in a situation he faces in the areas of life.

And he explains the invasion: "Here we advise these people to stay away from this comparison, and if it is necessary, then it must be motivated by change and development."

He adds: "The normal and natural person who believes that he possesses certain skills and abilities, is preoccupied with himself and does not compare them with the skills and capabilities of others, but rather always works for self-realization through the accomplishments that he achieves, and does not repeat the saying, whether with himself or in front of others: I worked... or I did." accomplished; the motivation remains internal and the achievement is personal.”

How to be more confident in yourself?

Under the heading "How to increase your self-confidence", the "Very Well Mind" website stated that self-confidence refers to a general feeling of confidence in your ability to control your life, or it may be more specific to the situation, as you may have high self-confidence in the field of certain experience, but you feel less confident in other areas.

Having a healthy level of self-confidence can help you become more successful in your personal and professional life. Research has found, for example, that more confident people tend to be more academically successful.

3 important tips

The site provided tips to make one more self-confident, the most important of which are:

Stop comparing yourself to others: When you notice that you are making comparisons, remind yourself first that doing so is not helpful, life is not a competition. And if you feel envious of someone else's life, it's also helpful to remember your own strengths and successes. Keep a gratitude journal and to better remember the areas of life you are blessed with.

Surround yourself with positive people: Take a moment and think about how you feel about your friends. Do they lift you up or bring you down? Do they constantly judge you or do they accept you for who you are? The people you spend time with can influence your thoughts and attitudes about yourself, perhaps more than you realize. So you have to pay attention to how other people feel. So, surround yourself with people who love you and want the best for you, and find positive others who can help you build your confidence.

Take care of your body: This advice is based on the premise that it's hard to feel good about yourself if you're abusing your body. When you practice self-care, including diet, physical exercise, meditation, relaxation, and good sleep, you are doing something positive for your mind, body, and spirit, and you will naturally feel more confident as a result.

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