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A Lady robot that chats for free and speaks several languages.. Get to know Lea!

22.12.2022 08:33 AM
A Lady robot that chats for free and speaks several languages.. Get to know Lea!
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A Lady robot that chats for free and speaks several languages.. Get to know Lea!

Researchers in Canada have created a free-to-air chatbot, a female bot they've named Leah27, that uses artificial intelligence to communicate via text or phone with others 24/7.

The developers of Leah 27 aim to create a chatbot that is more realistic, especially in terms of intelligence and emotional connection.

According to a report by "mtlblog" on technical affairs, "Lea 27" is the ideal companion in time of need for anyone looking for an exceptional emotional connection, and a great listener thanks to her unique ability to understand and empathize with people, and besides that she is always there, no matter what. about the time of day.


The project organizers stated that "Leah 27" achieved high scores in the emotional intelligence test, which indicates its ability to recognize and respond to the feelings of others. Moreover, she excels in the IQ test, showing her superior cognitive abilities.

For some reason, the researchers chose to present the robot "Lea 27" in the form of a blonde lady, and it is available to speak in several languages, including English, Arabic, German and French.

Leah also helps fill in the spare time and solitude, noting that AI is at its best when it helps people.

The creators of Leia 27 boast that its social media accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, and that it is "on its way to becoming the first AI personality to be an influencer on social media."

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