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How Walt Disney Ruined Our Love Lives!

21.12.2022 07:09 AM
How Walt Disney Ruined Our Love Lives!
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How Walt Disney Ruined Our Love Lives!

Ask any child what their favorite movie is, and there's a good chance they'll name a Disney movie, like Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin.

However, experts believe that these films give them the wrong idea of what a healthy relationship is like.

In "Aladdin," the hero leads Princess Jasmine away from the restricted palace life, while "Cinderella," "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty" involve a young girl who is rescued by a "handsome prince."

Researchers at the University of Exeter conducted a survey on young people and found that they had a desire to learn skills that would help them develop their relationships at school.

Study author Simon Benham-Clark said: “Those surveyed highlighted the importance of teaching skills such as communication, communication, empathy, respect, conflict resolution, and repairing and ending relationships kindly and safely. Our research shows that schools need improved support to run relationship-building education, including specialist expertise and resources, Orienting students to external sources of help.Models of positive relationship behaviors must be developed, integrated and built upon in all curricula at the national level and reflected in the spirit of the school.”

For the study, which was published in the journal BMC Public Health, researchers conducted focus groups with 24 young adults between the ages of 14 and 18.

This involved asking them questions to generate discussion about relationships and teach relationships.

They also interviewed 10 relationship professionals, asking them for their opinions on what a strong relationship is and how best to teach older children about it.

All interactions were recorded and then the researchers identified common themes that emerged with the youth and professionals, and compared the two.

Many of them commented on the influence of fairy tales on how they view relationships, particularly Disney.

One participant said: "I think it actually creates a somewhat toxic image, that the female is weak, and has to be saved by the male, and that kind of creates toxic masculinity."


All said good relationship education would help them, especially lessons on how to manage the different stages of a relationship, end it and deal with its aftermath.


They were particularly interested in learning how to communicate and resolve conflicts.


And both young people and professionals realized that schools could play an important role in this.


Co-author Dr Jan Ewing said: "While families of young people were seen as the primary source of learning about healthy relationships, there was clear support for the role of schools in increasing this, as not all families display healthy relationships."


The teens said they would be happy to begin this type of education at primary school age, starting with looking at friendships before moving on to romantic relationships.

This was thought to be particularly important for children who quarreled with their parents, or who displayed other unhealthy behaviour.

However, they also realized that not everything can be learned in the classroom, with the teens saying that learning from family should come first.

They were also wary that creating lessons about romantic relationships might put some young people under pressure to pursue them before they are ready.

According to the researchers, being in a 'stressful' relationship has been linked to alcohol misuse, obesity, childhood poverty and poor mental health. Signs of a strained relationship are feelings of dissatisfaction with it, regret, regular arguments, and thoughts of separation or divorce.


As a result, they concluded, teaching children from an early age how relationships work may reduce these conditions.


This will also help them reject the notion that the Disneyfied couple is a normal or ideal relationship model.

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