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Cosmonauts' spacewalk canceled at space station due to leak

20.12.2022 07:02 AM
Cosmonauts' spacewalk canceled at space station due to leak
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Cosmonauts' spacewalk canceled at space station due to leak

The exit of the two American astronauts into open space, which was planned for December 19, was postponed to December 21, after the outer membrane of the Russian “Soyuz MS-22” vehicle was exposed to an external influence, which led to a rise in the temperature inside the vehicle, according to the agency’s website. NASA satellite.

NASA said that its experts are cooperating with the Russian space corporation, "Ross Cosmos", to establish all the circumstances of the space accident.

NASA provided support in the investigation and helped examine the outer membrane of the Russian manned vehicle with the US Canadarm-2 robotic arm.

In this context, NASA made a decision to postpone the exit of the two American astronauts, Josh Casada and Frank Rubio, into open space from December 19 to December 21, to install iROSA solar batteries on the outside of the space station.

It is noteworthy that the outer membrane of the Russian manned “Soyuz-22” spacecraft docked with the space station was subjected to an external influence Thursday, which forced the “Ross Cosmos” administration to cancel the exit of the two Russian astronauts, Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitry Petilin, into open space. The Russian Space Corporation Commission is still investigating an accident with one of the spacecraft's systems.

As for the head of the Russian manned space programs, Sergey Krikalev, he did not rule out that the space accident occurred as a result of the impact of a small meteor on the cooling device in the Russian spacecraft.

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