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Holiday E-Commerce Tips for Your Best End-of-Year Sales Yet

17.12.2022 08:32 AM
Holiday E-Commerce Tips for Your Best End-of-Year Sales Yet
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Holiday E-Commerce Tips for Your Best End-of-Year Sales Yet

The holidays are the most profitable time of the year for many retailers. During the 2022 holiday season, U.S. shoppers spent more than $878 billion, with roughly $211 billion of that coming from online sales.

1.       Prepare your eCommerce website for online visitors

2.       Update your product photos

3.       Generate some product reviews

4.       Make sure customers can easily find your eCommerce site

5.       Sell your products on social channels

6.       Cue up some marketing emails

7.       Create easy gifting options

8.       Launch a new product or run a special promotion

9.       Offer multiple, flexible ways to make a purchase

10.   Keep customers coming back to your eCommerce store

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