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Twitter suspends Kanye's account again on violating rules

02.12.2022 04:42 AM
Twitter suspends Kanye's account again on violating rules
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Twitter suspends Kanye's account again on violating rules

On Friday, Twitter suspended the account of the famous American rapper, Kanye West, just two months after reactivating his account, due to his tweets violating the rules of the social networking platform.

"I did my best. However, once again he violated our rules against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended," Twitter owner Elon Musk wrote in a tweet late on Thursday.

In October, Musk, who describes himself as an absolute supporter of free speech, welcomed the rapper, now known as Yee, back to Twitter.

On Thursday evening, the platform imposed restrictions on one of Yeh's tweets. His account was suspended within an hour of Musk responding to a Twitter user who said, "Elon, fix Kanye, please."

Twitter had reactivated the rapper's account before completing Musk's $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform.

"Just to clarify, his account has been suspended for incitement to violence," Musk said.

Musk comments on a photo published by the rapper, who is facing increasing isolation after anti-Semitic statements and his clear admiration for Hitler, according to AFP.

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