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Content marketing vs. Copywriting... What are the differences?

16.06.2021 10:16 AM
Content marketing vs. Copywriting... What are the differences?
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Content marketing vs. Copywriting... What are the differences?
When it comes to marketing and advertising, the saying "content is king", which is the first marketing rule in media work, becomes true as well, and copywriting content is one of the most influential types of content for customers in making decisions about brands, whether speaking About them or search for their products, or even buy them, especially those brands that are found mainly online. So if you are an entrepreneur with a start-up project, or a beginner e-marketer who wants to enter the field of marketing and copywriting, you can rely on this report to benefit from a unique set of free resources to learn copywriting.

What is the difference between content writing and copywriting?

Content marketing is not a new concept in the world of digital marketing, but it is becoming more important than ever. In 1996 Bill Gates wrote an article on the Microsoft website entitled "Content is King" in which he said: "I expect a lot of money will be made on the Internet through content, just as it was with radio." Since then, the saying “content is king” has become a constant in the world of digital marketing, regardless of the nature of this content, from texts, videos and images to infographics, surveys and podcasts.

One of the most effective content media is text content, yet there is a common confusion between the terms content writing and copywriting among huge groups of employers and marketing beginners, the vast majority of whom believe that content writing and ads are one thing, Even when they need a copywriter, they write that the required job title is content writer or vice versa, without a clear vision of the role, importance, techniques and how of each job. But what is the real difference between content writing and copywriting?

Well, content writing means creating valuable content to market to brands and businesses. This content is often longer than advertising content, and comes in the form of blogs, articles, press releases, or even social media posts. This multi-directional content is like a two-way conversation on a specific topic that is directly or indirectly related to the brand's products or services, with the sole objective of attracting potential customers, increasing brand awareness, engaging them and increasing brand loyalty.

While copywriting means creating high-value compelling content with the aim of increasing sales for brands and companies. This content consists of short sentences, each sentence leading to the next to a CTA to make a purchase decision, and it can come in the form of ads on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, emails, billboards or even press releases. This content is strategic, straightforward, one-way, ending with a clear call to purchase a product or service experience, with the sole objective of promoting the brand and increasing its sales.
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If you look closely around you, you will find that the content is the basis of everything… Advertising campaigns on TV, marketing campaigns on the Internet, entertainment and religious programs, series, etc… All these things are only content, everything in our life is originally words, which are translated differently according to their use.
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Content marketing engages your customers through digital channels such as social media, blogging, and email marketing. You are probably already familiar with what content marketing is, but how effective is your current strategy? Your competitors are investing in content marketing, as marketing budgets keep moving to digital strategies. Your competitors are investing in content marketing, as marketing budgets keep moving to digital strategies. According to Forbes, the most effective content marketers allocate a greater portion of their budget to content marketing: for B2B it's 42% of the total marketing budget, compared to 28% for less effective marketers.
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Around the world, analysts predict that there will be 1.92 million global digital buyers in 2019 and e-commerce sales hit $ 4.9 trillion by 2021. Smart business owners are busy preparing to take their share of this unexpected gain.
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