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For football fans... These features will make it easier for you to follow the World Cup

16.11.2022 08:52 AM
For football fans... These features will make it easier for you to follow the World Cup
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For football fans... These features will make it easier for you to follow the World Cup

Google has announced new features it adds to the search engine, maps, and YouTube platform, to help football fans in the Middle East and North Africa see World Cup news, match and player details, and find different places to watch those crucial moments. inside and outside Qatar.

Commenting on the new features, Najib Jarrar, Director of Product Marketing at Google - Middle East and North Africa, said: “We are all more excited to follow this season of the World Cup than any previous season, as this is the first time that the Middle East and North Africa region has hosted a tournament of this kind.” Therefore, we are very interested in providing a unique interactive experience that helps football fans, whether they are in Qatar or those watching this tournament around the world, to keep abreast of the details of the matches, know the latest player news, and enjoy every decisive moment in this tournament.”

Football fans can keep up to date with the events of the tournament by searching for “World Cup” in the Google search engine, then clicking on the bell icon in the upper right corner to receive continuous notifications about matches, teams or players.

The match scoreboard can also be installed on the phone's home screen, a feature that is currently available through the Android system.

Google also provides a set of statistics and other details, including moments related to shooting goals, in addition to an assessment of teams' performance and the probability of winning or losing them that changes throughout the match period.

In addition, football fans can follow the most exciting moments in the matches after the end of their live broadcast on the FIFA YouTube channel, and other official broadcast channels. Short videos summarizing the most important details that are broadcast daily after the matches can also be followed via a Google search and come from sources including FIFA+ and other official broadcasters, including: beIN SPORTS in the region.

During the 2022 World Cup season, people will be able to find exclusive short and long-duration videos on YouTube, produced by a distinguished group of content creators in the region, including: AboFlah and Rima, specialists in game content, and Amr Nasuhi, “Sabaho Koura”, who is interested in sports content, and finally "Noor Stars" channel, which is characterized by its diverse and entertaining content. Football fans can also submit similar content on YouTube by sharing the hashtag "ShortsFIFAWorldCup".

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