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Google announces new features for football fans ahead of the FIFA World Cup

15.11.2022 07:54 AM
Google announces new features for football fans ahead of the FIFA World Cup
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Google announces new features for football fans ahead of the FIFA World Cup

Google has announced new features that it will add to the search service, Google Maps, and the YouTube platform, to help football fans in the Middle East and North Africa see news of the 2022 World Cup, details of matches and players, and find different places to watch those decisive moments inside and outside Qatar.

Football fans can keep abreast of the latest details of the tournament, by searching for “World Cup” in Google, and clicking on the bell icon in the upper right corner to receive continuous notifications about matches, teams or players.

The match scoreboard can also be installed on the mobile home screen, which is currently available on the Android system.

Google provides a set of statistics and other details, including moments related to shooting goals, in addition to evaluating the performance of teams and the possibility of winning or losing them, and the evaluation changes throughout the match period.

A Google search provides football fans with detailed information about any match, including a measure of the probability of winning or losing.

Football fans have an opportunity to live the atmosphere of this sport with others around the world by evaluating players based on their performance, whether in one match or more, and comparing their rating with other players in the sports field.

There will also be an interactive game available on Google Search that asks people to choose and support one team during each match, and to score as many virtual goals as possible.

It became possible to follow the most exciting moments of the matches after the end of their live broadcast via the FIFA channel on YouTube and other official broadcasting channels in the Middle East and North Africa region.

It is also possible to follow short videos summarizing the most important details, and they are broadcast daily after the end of the matches via Google search, and they come from sources including FIFA Channel and other official broadcasters.

During the World Cup season, people will be able to find exclusive short and long videos on YouTube produced by a distinguished group of content makers in the region, including AboFlah and Rima, who specialize in game content, and Amr Nasuhi (Sabaho Koura), who is interested in sports content, Finally, the Noor Stars channel, which is characterized by its diverse and entertaining content.

Football fans can also submit similar content on YouTube by sharing the hashtag #ShortsFIFAWorldCup.

People can find the best and most convenient places to watch the World Cup matches, by typing “Wheres to watch the World Cup near me” in a Google search, and business owners must review the rules related to showing matches and sporting events to public audiences before activating this feature and adding it to the file property. Al-Tijari on Google so that it appears in the search results, and this feature will be activated in the coming days in preparation for the next football season.

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