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TikTok promotes toxic diet culture among teens

07.11.2022 07:41 AM
TikTok promotes toxic diet culture among teens
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 An American study confirmed that content related to diet and weight reaps high views on the TikTok platform in particular, which leads to the dissemination of a "toxic" culture about nutrition among adolescents and young adults.

The study added that the majority of those who claim to be nutrition experts, on the TikTok platform, have nothing of experience.

Teenagers are most affected by TikTok's nutritional misconceptions about weight loss.

Adolescents, after watching these videos, resort to very harsh diets, and herein lies the danger, as the large decrease in calories affects growth and may lead to osteoporosis.

Parents should raise awareness, and not resort to social networking sites, but rather resort to a nutritionist to take the necessary and healthy advice.

A healthy diet is a balanced diet, and there are no prohibitions in any diet, but moderation is the best solution.

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