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7 Tips for Choosing a Good Wine

03.11.2022 07:24 AM
7 Tips for Choosing a Good Wine
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7 Tips for Choosing a Good Wine

We will teach you a secret so that you can easily recognize a quality wine by its taste.

Some say that they do not drink wine, but rather smell it. Taste is the impression the wine leaves after passing through the nose and mouth, and is mainly determined by the sense of taste (tongue) as well as smell (smell). 80% of the smell comes from the smell.

In order to become familiar with the quality of the wine, it is important to identify some of the basic aromas that the wine will leave in our noses and mouths. We will now teach you some basic keys to help you easily identify a quality wine by its taste:

1 • A good quality wine is a wine with an open and clear first aroma. The main flavors are grape scents that unfold with floral and fruity memories once the wine is served.

2 • The smell of old wood and mold indicates that the foot has occurred in shoes that have not been changed in time. Or that clog its pores with sediment. Both the smell and taste of old or new wood, when very noticeable or obvious, are negative signs.

3 • Wood tends to taste and smell all medium wines. This unenviable quality is associated with aromatic contamination and tannin infusion from low-quality or poorly roasted wood. Bottom line: the smell and taste of wood is not indicative of good quality, but bad quality.

4 • The smell of varnish or painted wood is also a sign of poor aging or slightly roasted wood.

5 • Constancy is a common characteristic of all good wines. A wine is defined as "steady" or "long-lasting" if its scent (nose and mouth) remains on the palate long after the liquid has been swallowed. The longer this continuity, the better the wine. When the stability lasts ten seconds, the wine is of good quality. And if the taste lasts for twenty seconds, then the wine will be great.

6 • A wine is said to be balanced when all the desired elements (alcohol, acidity, colour, aroma in the nose and mouth) are presented in appropriate proportions and in harmony. In other words, when there is no predominance or any nuances in wine.

7 • When tasting, the following expressions are used that indicate the quality of the wine: “elegant”, “distinguished”, “well-organised”, “tasty”, “good”, “intense”, “steady”, “long”. , 'velvety', 'fleshy', 'complex' and 'round'.

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